Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in YOUR Living Room?

Is your living space a designer's showcase or a comfy memory-making retreat for your family?

Design elements are important throughout your home, but you also have to make room for functionality. Form is great but it's not worth much unless it functions in your favor!

Color and accent play a huge function in interior design. This year, there are lots of trends. But the one we like best of the Dallas interior design trends is 'glam and glitz' with lots of gold, crystal and other metallic accents. A fantastic decorative chandelier over the dining table (if your dining and living is combined) or a fabulous HUGE mirror with a gilded gesso frame can transform your space - from FRUMPY to FAB instantly. And - mirrors, lighting options - can add real function to your room - offering illusions of space and depth and actual lighting sources.

Muted colors are also a trend - softer versions of brighter counterparts and shades of gray are the current rage. All of the new 'muted' toned colors compliment each other relaxing and soft way and add a bit of elegance to your room.

Of course - the most function in your living space will come from finding flexible home furnishing options. Don't limit yourself to the same old 'couch + table' setup, and don't get something that is too big for the space (i.e. - a HUGE, COLOSSAL, COSMICALLY SIGNIFICANT SECTIONAL is not necessary for most homes). I nstead - opt for smaller pieces of high end furniture to give you flexibility and function at the same time. We are talking about about chairs, smaller love seats and ornate & decorative accent pieces that can be used in combination - and rearranged as necessary to freshen up your space.

Take a look at what's in YOUR living room. You might just be due for something new. Contact us at J. Douglas Design - Where Dallas Goes For Fine Furniture and Interior Design for your consultation today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Traditional Holiday Décor with a Modern Flair

The holidays are full of traditions, from big family gatherings down to the simple pleasures like hot cocoa. When it seems like the whole world is in a festive mood, it's easy to get excited about checking off items on your traditional holiday to-do list, especially when it comes to decorating your home.

First, consider the overall decor or 'feel' you want to display. By combining modern design and classic traditions of holiday home decorating, your home can become memorable - inside and out. Think about color (rich shades of pumkin and spice!) and other things in nature that make one feel comfortable and warm for Fall and going into Winter.

Instead of a traditional straw cornucopia on the Thanksgiving table, perhaps a modern rendition of that piece made of aluminum window screen would be more at home in a contemporary setting. Country-style holiday decor may be more at home in a cottage-style interior, while sophisticated items may look best in a formal, traditional space. Matching the holiday accessories to the style of the interior decor is an important way to create a cohesive space, no matter the time of year.

If you're feeling bold, make your holiday decorations all about of-the-moment color and modern details. Snowy white branches are the perfect backdrop to make brightly colored glass bulbs and baubles really stand out. Go for colors like fuchsia, apple green, lemon yellow and turquoise. For an extra "wow" factor, use multicolored strands of lights that will play on the hues of your ornaments. Make your own tree skirt from brightly colored felt, and glue on small mirrors or silver-tone charms for extra sparkle.

If you’re home is rustic, go with rich woods, earth tones and, of course, splashes of brick red for an upscale-yet-casual look. Stringing your tree with white and gold lights will give it a warm glow; play on that ambience with raffia garland and ornaments made of natural materials. Hang cable-knit socks on the mantle for another touch of cozy luxury. The key to this look is that it is glowing, rather than shiny. Try wrapping gifts in brown kraft paper and adding pops of color with ribbon in colors that match your decor.

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, there are many opportunities to display holiday decor in your interior design. While each holiday usually requires different color palettes and themes, be sure to use general holiday decorating guidelines to stay congruent with the current style of your existing interior. This can help any home look like it belongs in the pages of a magazine. If you would like to speak with one of our Dallas interior design specialists - be sure to visit our website and Dallas furniture showroom.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Spotlght - La Barge

With La Barge, it's all about the details. Or, more specifically - the accessories, finishes, and special touches in your home. Using only the most skilled artisans, La Barge home furnishings take inspiration from the finest pieces and treasures worldwide. If you are looking for that finishing touch for a space, or unique accent pieces - look no further than La Barge.

La Barge products are typically smaller pieces, or accents for your interior - such as mirrors, benches, occasional tables, wall decor, upholstery, and more. We've always been very choosy about the brands we carry - and chose only the best for our Dallas furniture showroom; La Barge certainly fits the bill.

Based in North Carolina, La Barge is a part of Furniture Brands International - a larger group of well-known furniture brands - such as Maitland-Smith, Drexel, Thomasville, and Lane - offering the public a wide range of products, styles and prices.