Wednesday, May 28, 2014

4 Tips For Making The Most Of A Small Space

How many of us have said “Oh, I wish I had a bigger bathroom.” Well, this little video takes the term ‘small space’ to a whole new level. Try 78 square feet!

Decorating a small space requires using strategies and techniques to make most of the space you have while it making it look more spacious and cozy. Use this collection of home designing ideas to help you make the most of your small spaces.

1. Create an illusion: It may seem like a design cliché - but as mentioned in the video mirrors really do work. Using mirrors helps small spaces look bigger because they reflect light and give the impression of an open space.

2. Add tons of light: Light makes a home feel warm and welcoming. Use several lamps or add recessed lighting throughout to create a warm glow and make your space feel bigger.

3. Use dramatic drapes and curtains: Hanging curtains from floor to ceiling will help elongate the wall and will create a cozy focal point in your space. Make the space look even bigger by hanging the
curtains outside the window frame or even on a wall where there are not windows.

4. Hide storage: Small spaces often have to function as a living space and home office or have limited storage, leaving unsightly bookcases and shelves. Use curtains to conceal bookcases and workspaces when not in use and choose tidy-looking storage boxes in the same color.

We hope this collection of home designing ideas help you to make the most of your small spaces. Of
course, small spaces are often the most challenging; consulting an interior designer may be your best bet.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interior Chic - Country Coastal Style

Found this image on Pinterest, couldn't find reference to the designer or source - but really loved it, and had to post and write about it, and why it inspires me.

It's that 'worn' look, and it's the light and bright feel that makes me like this. It's also the simplicity of the items used in this interior design, as well as the complexity of the details, such as the texture of the ceiling and the antiqued finishes on the furnishings.

And, it's the modernity of it - while vintage at the same time; seeming so old and weathered.

It's the minimalist appeal, without being too 'cool' - and retaining a sense of 'home'.

I'm also inspired by the coastal appeal, the colors - weathered grays and pastels all-around, make me feel like there might be water nearby.

We also love the tangible element of this interior design - with the textures, mentioned before - on the ceiling and furniture - and again under the bar area with the stones.

While I'm not sure if this would match my personal style for my own home, I'm certainly inspired by this design for all the reasons mentioned - and it comes together for me, that it's the very basics of design that pull this together. Color, texture, pattern, balance, - all making for a unique and exclusive style.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Furry Fine Furnishings For Pampered Pets Only

Some people have it all... and so do some pets...

There are a few very lucky pets out there, who live in the same luxury their human parents enjoy. And there are some, even luckier - who get to sleep in a custom bed by exclusive designers of fine furniture, Marge Carson.

The Murphy Pet Sofa from Marge Carson is just one example of the posh home accessories you could lavish on your furry friend. With it, you can of course, brag about and display your pet's keen sense of style.

Like most Marge Carson pieces, the attention to detail is second to none. Your best friend can return to his or her animalistic roots with the fashionable (but not overdone) plush animal print bedding and pillow accessory. And, they'll be barking for years about the circular, comfortable shape of the piece, the rich leather, and the stud detail along the perimeter of the base and accents along the edges.

Not too RUFF....