Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interior Chic - Country Coastal Style

Found this image on Pinterest, couldn't find reference to the designer or source - but really loved it, and had to post and write about it, and why it inspires me.

It's that 'worn' look, and it's the light and bright feel that makes me like this. It's also the simplicity of the items used in this interior design, as well as the complexity of the details, such as the texture of the ceiling and the antiqued finishes on the furnishings.

And, it's the modernity of it - while vintage at the same time; seeming so old and weathered.

It's the minimalist appeal, without being too 'cool' - and retaining a sense of 'home'.

I'm also inspired by the coastal appeal, the colors - weathered grays and pastels all-around, make me feel like there might be water nearby.

We also love the tangible element of this interior design - with the textures, mentioned before - on the ceiling and furniture - and again under the bar area with the stones.

While I'm not sure if this would match my personal style for my own home, I'm certainly inspired by this design for all the reasons mentioned - and it comes together for me, that it's the very basics of design that pull this together. Color, texture, pattern, balance, - all making for a unique and exclusive style.

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