Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Interior Design Spotlight: Century Furniture

Century Furniture is one of our favorite lines; and pieces from their various collections coupled with the right interior design can make any room look spectacular. Century Furniture is a privately owned upper end furniture manufacturer that is well known for their craftsmanship and elegance; with home furnishings for every space in your home and a style to match.

When we design with Century Furniture,  we are able to allow our client an outlet to express his or her own individuality. Century Furniture even has your outdoor needs covered with a special selection of patio and pool furniture. Century Furniture allows you the freedom to furnish your entire home, a single room or a complementary piece for your existing decor.

The craftsmen at Century Furniture will allow you to customize your home furnishing. With over 2000 fabrics to choose from and over 50 different wood finishes you can create that custom design you can call your very own. With Century Furniture you are actually purchasing a work of art that has been handcrafted for you by one or their renowned artisans.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interior Design Ideas - Incorporating Feng Shui Part IIII

Making your house welcoming and warm is a top priority to any homeowner. We’ve covered some quick tips to implement Feng Shui in your home, as well as covered how to make the most important room in your home, the living room, more guest-friendly without sacrificing the family space.  We try to incorporate several elements into interior design - and making them comfortable and stylish is often the biggest challenge.

But what about your bedroom? Few guests see this special room, but it can be argued that this is the most sacred room in any house. So could Feng Shui be helpful there? Absolutely.

First off, use a headboard. This design element can be one of the most overlooked elements of a beautiful bedroom. Materials to look for are warm and friendly, like wood or leather. Line up the headboard in the middle of a wall, so that equal space are given for both people to enter and leave the bed.

Colors in bedrooms are equally important, so use warm colors like reds, oranges, dark greens and browns to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Spice up the romance in the room by adding artwork in pairs to reinforce the sacredness of a room for two special people.

See some examples of beautiful bedrooms in our Dallas furniture showroom. If you’re going to have a TV, computer or other electronic device in the bedroom, follow the same principles laid out in the living room: hide them when not in use.