Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Iconic American Design Styles - Part 3

In the past two posts we’ve covered two of the most iconic American design elements found in homes starting from the 18th century all the way to homes today. Different elements have been taken from different styles across the globe and integrated to modern styles today.

Many of those elements are in today’s featured iconic American design style, which happens to be one of the most recognizable and popular styles in American history.

Ranch Style
 Ranch style homes are among the most recognizable home designs in history today. Ranch style homes were built to be an escape from the city life of long hours and hard work so the homeowner could come home and relax with loved ones in the “great room” floor plan. Made popular in the 1950's, and especially in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas interior design s and homes.

Ranch style homes have unique floor plans. Rarely does a ranch style home have more than one story because it’s designed to stretch across the property horizontally. The design highlights large rooms as “family rooms” and places special emphasis on the kitchen and other rooms that will be used for entertainment. In Texas - we'd call it 'sprawling'.

Sliding glass doors, panoramic views over the backyard and large overhanging roof lines all contribute to one of the most popular styles - and especially in Dallas interior design - in all of American history.

Do you live in a ranch style home? What are some of your favorite elements of this design?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Iconic American Design Styles - Part 2

American homes, both interior design and architecture - have stood with proud columns and elaborate moldings, have been modern and minimal, some traditional - while others sat tucked away in the hills - a log cabin with a western or rustic style.

In our first post, we featured the Iconic American colonial-style design that draws its roots from the 13 colonies. In our second post of our Iconic American Design Styles, we’ll discuss a 19th century style that can still be found in older neighborhoods today: Tudor Style.

Tudor Style
Tudor-style homes are still popular and are mostly found in the older neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the country. Tudor-style homes are symbolic for their stucco, wood and stonework exteriors that build up to highly steeped roof lines and facades.

Tudor-style homes take their inspiration from European medieval homes in England in the 19th century and create a true storybook feeling home.

Create your own Tudor Style design by first tackling some exterior work that will distinctly associate it with its medieval inspiration. Consider adding in wide windows that feature plenty of light and some old-world furniture.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Iconic American Design Styles - Part 1

Homes and interior design styles have changed throughout history, and across cultures. Did you know that there’s been many iconic American designs that have been replicated all over the world? 

American 'design styles' have taken some of the best features from cultures everywhere - and included them in their layouts, floorplans and designs. These popular styles have passed the test of time, and many can still be found throughout many countries today.

American homes have changed drastically over the years, and we’ve seen some beautiful design styles come from it. In our first feature of Iconic American Design Styles. We’ll feature one iconic style in this three-part series and dive into some of the most popular styles of American interior designs.

Colonial Style
Colonial-style homes take their roots from the original American 13 colonies. Colonial homes often have wide porches, entry-facing columns and shutters bordering the windows.

The interior of a colonial-style home is quite notable also. Most are two-story with wide and open floor plans that feature the rooms all centering off a main room, hallway or stairway. The focus of a colonial home is on the entryway where moldings, built-in bookcases and stairwells all draw back to the nostalgic 18th century. Simple, traditional furnishings typically accompany this architecture style, along with muted and simple coloration. Embellishments in the form of grand columns and moldings steal the show.

Interested in creating your own colonial-style home? It’s not too difficult. Adding a taste of elegance in your furniture can help create your own distinctive space. Browse our Dallas furniture showroom to take a virtual tour - to see how you can create your own colonial masterpiece.