Monday, December 12, 2011

Mounting and Framing Options At J. Douglas Design

What's that? It's the Bronze Star - A U.S. Armed Forces individual military decoration and the fourth-highest award for bravery, heroism or meritorious service. Honors such as these should be displayed with pride (and style!) as well as preserved for future generations to admire.

It was no surprise that we would want to really show this off with custom framing. For this piece, we decided to mount it on blue dupioni silk. It has been encased in a convenient, durable lucite case; the top lifts off for easy-access care to the medal and replacement of materials if necessary. You can take the medals out of the case whenever you need them. They are attached to the mounting board just like they would be on a uniform.

This also makes a great gift idea for our military honorees, or for anything really that you want to display and preserve. This and many other framing options available at J. Douglas Design.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nominated - WFAA-List Best Of Dallas Furniture

We're thrilled to announce that we've been nominated a SECOND year for WFAA-List Best of Dallas - again in the category of BEST FURNITURE. It's no secret that we rock it in terms of fine furniture and furnishings in Dallas. We're the exclusive vendor for Marge Carson, and we carry several great brands like Christopher Guy, Maitland-Smith and more.

We need your help, though - to WIN FIRST PLACE AGAIN! Can we count on your vote? It only takes a minute, and we appreciate every vote! Tell your friends -
Click here to vote for J. Douglas Design - Best Furniture

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Week Brings Fresh Ideas

Last week was Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the world's premiere event all that will happen in the world of fashion next Spring, for high-end designers and up and coming fashion artisans. We can take a few tips from this to preview what might be going on in the world of interior design as well.

You might use this theme (Mondrian style, of course) for your art pieces or wall-hangings. Or - perhaps you aren't a huge fan of patterns - if that the case, then this makes for a great opportunity to color block or even use monochromatic schemes on pillows and window treatments to accent your other, larger pieces.

Florals: So if you ARE a fan of patterns - Fashion Week says that FLORALS are where it's at. Anna Sui presented some beautiful florals at Fashion Week. Use it as your chance to really utilize color, and bring MORE color in.

Bigger is Better: Take a feather from Oscar de la Renta's hat! Go bold with a statement piece - like a walnut or burl wood executive desk or distinctive dining room set - anything from Marge Carson or Christopher Guy will MAKE A STATEMENT!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Magic Of Missoni

And so it was, this week - Target's website crashed repeatedly all day during the debut of Italian designer Missoni's partnership line of apparel, footwear, luggage and housewares in a 400-piece collection.

Exclusive high-end runway meets affordable home design. This is the do-it-yourself interior designer's dream come true. It's also a great, cost-effective way to deck out a kid's room, or a dorm room.

While the high-movement patterns may not suit everyone's taste, they are sure to accent or blend into most spaces, and the colors are hugely flexible. The patterns are fairly flexible as well - as they are quite simple; lines mostly.

Plus, there are a few must-have gems in the collection of home accessories - (which likely explains why EVERYTHING is still out of stock). And then there is the PRICE. Can't beat that part.

We loved this ribbon pillow because of it's bold and dimensional texture. It sort of makes you want to reach out and touc it. We also loved the large table vase, as it looks hugely expensive - but isn't really, and from an artsy point of view - we liked the movement of the lines, it 'flows' in a way that makes the eye move up and down - to experience the entire shape of the piece. A little piece of art, if you will.

When can you get yours? Nobody knows! Not now. But hold tight - we're sure that the success of the Missoni Target line will keep Target ordering more, and the style is likely to be mimicked by other designers. Their zig-zag might be trademarked, but you can look for bold pattern and touchable texture to stay put through 2012.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Furniture And Design Trends Revealed

Some interesting design trends came from this summer's Las Vegas Market, the twice-annual and widely-enjoyed home furnishings and interior designer (paradise!) tradeshow. What's fantastic about these trade shows - is that we get a real insider-look to the trends-to-be before they hit the retail floors.

And because brilliant minds love to share - we are sharing with YOU these exclusive ideas and trends for the near future of hip interior style.

Trend 1: In French Tradition or - Dans la Tradition Française
Exposed fine woods are integral here, coupled with a neutral palette and natural textiles (linens). Keeping it simple and clean is key; accessorize and add pop with finely embroidered pillows or throws, and small patches of modern color, patterns and prints. How to get the look? Keep it simple. Use neutral colors, grays, browns, creams - and take it easy on the patterns. Showcase your wood furnishings and accents and opt for linen (with a nice heavy texture) for pillows, throws and window treatments in muted, light colors.

Trend 2: Decorative Accents
"Vintage Modern" leads the way in decorative accents. If it's "vintage" great, if it's "vintage" and GLAM - then it's "Vintage Modern". Think about what Jane Russell or Aubrey Hepburn could have been like with today's makeup, hair and lighting - talk about beauty! So, transitioning to interior design, we would take the play up the beauty of antiques (furniture, heirloom pieces) and couple it with today's recycled materials and plastics, metals. Patterns are vintage inspired with touches of today's color trends and accents of yesteryear. How to get the look? This trend is easily accomplished by mixing the OLD with the NEW and sparing nothing on the tiny details. Go 'GLAM' by opting for the more expensive details - crystal, diamonds, and shiny, sparkly stuff.

Trend 3: American Style
It's more about American history and heritage - inspired by folk-style patterns, Colonial-era colors and shapes and deep, beautiful wood pieces and accents. It's about terrific craftsmanship and furnishings that took hard work and superior skill to create. How get the look? Once again - play up your wood pieces, use American colors (muted, soft reds and blues) either solid, or in Colonial-inspired plaids or prints. Make use of natual light to reminisce of an earlier time in our country. Don't forget the details - patchwork quilts and anything with historical significance or heirloom pieces - will complete your space.

For more information on these trends, (and some that we've come up with on our own!) contact award-winning Dallas interior-designer J. Douglas Design or visit our Dallas furnishings showroom today!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall into Fall Design

With school starting back, football season beginning – that means it’s the beginning of the fall season.

Decorating for the fall season includes decorating for Halloween and for Thanksgiving - so why not decorate your home with the interior design trend colors of fall 2011. Pantone is the leader of the color industry - and one of the most trusted nterior designer resources in the industry. If you want to know about design colors – especially for your interior design needs – visit Pantone to find out the latest colors and hues for the season.

For Fall 2011 – the idea is to go natural. Lovers of all things warm will be going hot this year with Tangerine Tango and some brown additions like Cinnamon Stick. Enhance the fall décor with yellows such as Lemon Meringue and Flan and Pear Sorbet.

Designing your fall table should be easy with beautiful dried leaves and foliage. Add some corn stalks to bring in the yellow and green. Throw in a vintage mason jar full of candy corn and dribble some acorns throughout the table for a warm and inviting addition to your formal dining table.

Don’t forget the mantel in the sitting room - topiaries with orange foliage and pine cones - lots of hurricanes with candles - all of this will certainly give the feel of autumn in your space. Make use of berries, and leaves to spice up for fall.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Designing A College Boy's Dorm Room

Entering college comes with many questions about the professors, intramurals, the social scene - but perhaps MOST importantly: How do I turn this 10 x 10 square they call a “dorm” into my home for the next two semesters?

While girls are busy bringing their fun accessories and fluffing-up their up-kept, clean and tidy rooms—it can be easy to neglect the interior design needs of dorm rooms for guys. You don’t have the be a interior designer to make your dorm your own, and especially for males – it's about finding the right balance - and the right interior furnishings.

Guarantee your room stands out from the rest and still stay within your budget. Rock that college dorm room interior decorating thing!

Designing Uber-Small Spaces for Young Men - 101

1 - Use “manly” colors. Typically, fall colors are considered the most masculine. These colors include browns, khakis, and dark reds and greens. Painting your walls one of these colors will not only make your room look more lively, but also be recognized as a room full of men! Long gone are the days of posters on the walls and beer signs. And don't forget the super-cool, super-metro GRAY shades - they go with nearly everything - and are very HOT right now.

2. Get that young man a futon & bunk combo. Nothing says "college" like a comfortable futon underneath a lofted bed, so get one! Plus, it's a HUGELY efficient use of space. Have your friends over for late-night gaming sessions or movies on the couch and soak up as much of the dorm community as possible! Throw some nice pillows on the futon for a more classy if you have a date. Toss a nice quilt or blanket over the back to add some personality.

Utilizing your space is important, but making your space personal is key. Remember these two tips for your room to make it home.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dorm Room Design 101

You’re FREE from school.... and with that freedom comes a new responsibility and some new fun. One of the greatest joys of going off to college is being able to work your own magic with the interior design of your dorm room.

Decorating your collage dorm room is a great way to show off your new found freedom and independence and you can throw in your fun personality.

BE EFFICIENT: Let’s face, dorm rooms haven't always been the most 'super great' space in terms of space, location and size – but they are getting better. They don't have great closet space, and at times – more than one person in the bathroom and not too many quiet nights... but with efficient space saving home furnishings and uber cool stores like Ikea, the things you can do and the money you can save when decorating a dorm room are growing! Many colleges and universities are making their dorm rooms larger and a little more hip.

PERSONALIZE: Personalizing your dorm room with your own bedding is a great way to start. Typically you will have a twin or XL twin bed in your dorm so make it WORK! Shop for fun comforters and pillows and make it colorful and make it YOU. You can even add a mattress cover for extra softness. Mattress covers even come in organic materials if you have allergies.

MAKE IT FUN: Add fun things to your dorm room wall like pictures, bulletin boards or posters but BE WARNED – don’t infringe on your roommates territory. This can be the biggest mistake ever when going off to college. You'll want to work to get along with your roommate - and bring them in on the designing aspect. They might have some throw pillows that make the combined space. Toss down some rugs and some fun lamps and put on the fun tunes and your time will be great. Don't forget - cool cowhide rugs add lots of pizazz to a dorm room - super cool, super durable.

REMEMBER WHY YOU'RE THERE: Unless you are there to become an interior designer - it's important to prioritize with money and time spent on decorating. Don’t forget that the reason why your there at college and that is to learn. So before you have the coolest, most awesome decor on the hall - make sure you have the basics: that your desk is equipped with a nice desk lamp, plenty of space for your laptop and books and of course.. a picture of Mom and Dad from home. Picture frames reminding you of home can be influential in your success.

Good luck, Graduate!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating 22 Years Of Interior Design Excellence

At J. Douglas Design - we're celebrating 22 years of Dallas interior design excellence! We are thrilled to have been named WFAA-List Best of Dallas Furniture for 2010, are proud to be the recipient of the prestigious McSam Award, and none of it would have been possible without YOU!

Of course - we only select the finest brands of home furnishings and accessories - such as Christopher Guy, Fine Art Lamps and we are the exclusive Dallas area retailer for Marge Carson; and that helps.

To celebrate - we're offering:
20% OFF
furniture, special order and design services until August 15th!

Contact our office for more information on how you can take advantage of these savings and refresh your design just in time for holiday entertaining.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dallas Interior Design Spotlight: Christopher Guy Furnishings

Christopher Guy Harrison is to interior design as Prada is to fashion and accessories. With heirloom quality and timeless designer style - Christopher Guy interior furnishings are elegant, sophisticated - and hand crafted. At J. Douglas Design - we've been using Christopher Guy furnishings for years in our interior design projects - and for good reason: his pieces are among the most distinctive in the interior and home furnishing market.

The quality of his designs comes from a true mastery of the materials - combined with a cross-cultural flair for detail inspired from European and Asian craftsmanship. The end results are usually fine furniture a fusion of several different genres of design, modern and traditional at the same time - but ALWAYS in style.

His fine furnishings can be seen in movies and high-end hotels and commercial facilities worldwide. From the Venetian Las Vegas, to Ritz Carlton worldwide and Trump Plaza New York - exclusive and expensive destinations and those with a taste for luxury know well the Christopher Guy name.

More recently, he and his legendary internationally inspired designs received the highest honors of World Market Center Las Vegas: the Design Icon Award. The "Design Icon" award honors design visionaries who have created a body of work that left an indelible print on the industry. Created in 1996, the honor gives modern-day design legends a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red, White and Blue: What it Means For Interior Design

This July 4th weekend, we thought it'd be cool to venture into the RED, WHITE and BLUE of interior design! And what better way to do it - than with Feng Shui - the ancient Asian art of using color and space to balance your life.

Turns out, the color meanings of Old Glory and the American colors are VERY fitting when referenced from Feng Shui. Some of the descriptive words would be - powerful, poised, confident, wise, adventurous, peaceful and trusting. Sounds like America to us!

Most colors in Feng Shui can be broken down into two groups - Yang, and Yin. Yang colors typically tend to be fire and wood elements. Yang colors will be the colors that provide you the enthusiasm or the positive energy required to do something or be motivated. On the other end of the spectrum - are the Yin colors, which are the colors that bring about healing and relaxation. Obviously, you need a balance of these - for optimal success, luck, motivation and mental clarity. On this patriotic holiday - let's look more into RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Red: is Feng Shui's power color! Its feng shui color meaning is warmth - or, heat, strength and power, fame & fortune, and happiness. Something we all need, right?

White represents poise, confidence and purity.

Blue: Blue is cool, calm and soothing. This color has great significance in Feng Shui as it reflects love as it heals and relaxes. Blue creates a feeling of peace and trust. Since it is the color of the sea and sky, Feng Shui associates it with adventure and exploration. Navy blue is the color of intellect and wisdom.

Need a little help integrating color for your best balance? Contact Dallas interior design firm J. Douglas Design - we're always on standby to help.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresh Southern Summer Fabrics

What fabrics keep your design (and your body!) cool during these hot Texas summers? Does your Dallas interior design work well with these hot Dallas summer days?

Certainly, cotton fabrics are divine in terms of quality, cost and coolness, and are a natural fiber with tons of organic variations. Any savvy interior Designer knows this. But - the design industry is also utilizing the newer cotton/linen and hemp combinations in fabrics.

Perhaps the most important aspect of designing with fabric to consider during these hot summer months is your bedding. It needs to cover you, be stylish - but not smother you - especially here in the South.

Image Credit - from Southern Living - A Cottage White master bedroom.

Of course - color therapy plays in as well. White for that 'light airy' feeling, anda shabby-chic southern antique feel. Distressed milkwashed walls and a some flea-market-perfect accessories really romanticize this space. The whimsical chandelier over the bed seals the deal. What's important to note, is that the bedding is that light, fluffy (both in color, weight and texture) feathery down comfortable. Summer-cool, and Southern-chic.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Color Inspirations

Let Summertime guide your color choices this year - and you'll be pulling nature into your home, and creating your own 'happy place'. Certainly, you could consider these palettes anytime of the year - and painting is the perfect quick change for an interior space.

Of course - Chromotherapy, sometimes called color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy, is of itself a way to effect your mood, and balance "energy". And, on a more practical application - light therapy is used in medical circles to treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

So - you will want to consider the room you're going to paint - the color, and the lighting. Depending on the size of the room and the color, a test patch on the wall is always a great idea. If it's well lit with natural light, you can generally assume that any inspirations from Mother nature that you pull in will be reflected similarly. If it's not well lit - then you'll want to utilize lamps and artificial lighting of course. Make sure the color works with the space, the accessories and furnishings - and that it's what you want it to be, and has the desired effect on your mood and sense of well being. Colors always can 'feel' different once they cover a large space.

The Beach
Teals, deep blues - these cool colors are sure to keep the mood light, relaxed and fresh. Utilize stark whites along side the bold walls - with lamps, drapes and accessories - couple with soft lighting.

The Meadow
"The Meadow" theme is frequented by all shades of yellow, and works well with almost any space. Yellow is one of those colors that is generally considered a 'happy' color, and goes especially well with nearly any floral print, or pattern - and looks great with whites or woods (even really dark woods!).

The Desert
You don't need a mesa to feel on top of the world, just paint your walls the color of a hazy gray-blue sky, and accent with the colors of pink sunlit sands. You'll really be bringing nature indoors, so make sure to consider and review the actual desert at different times of the day - and notice the differences in hues between early morning, and late evening. Be your own Yogi in minimalistic style, with colors you might have thought only God could paint.

Starry Skies

The darkest blues and violets call for bright white accents or rich furnishings. Be careful with patterns and use of other colors when using dark blues and purple hues - in fact - monochromatic accents are safest here if you must use a color other than white or a metallic accent.

Don't be scared though - this is another cool combination that can really soothe the senses if done correctly.

Just don't ruin this one with complimentary colors - it won't work. In fact, it might make you sick. Could you imagine this cute little powder room with orange anywhere - ? It's miss the mark.

Observe your world and figure out what moves you. Then - grab a can of paint and go to town. Bring your love of life into your interior design.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A King's Throne

Father's Day is June 19th

What is man’s best friend? We think a dog might actually be a close second, and a fine chair the winner of this war! And with Father’s Day coming around we’re sure that dad’s old recliner is getting to be a bit out of date – so why not get him a new one? In fact, why not go even further and make him feel like a king with a new throne for his office, or perhaps a fine piece of seating?

Of course, J. Douglas Design is the exclusive retailer in Dallas for Marge Carson fine furniture. (both chairs pictured in this post are from Marge Carson) We not only have many different types of chairs for every day use, but more specifically, we have chaises, super-manly wing back styles, executive desk chairs and sets of chairs and foot rests.

Chaises, while not a traditional recliner, certainly act like one. They are long chairs for reclining that not only give your dad – or any family member – the capability to recline, but to recline elegantly at that. At first, chaise lounges were neither easy nor inexpensive to create. The metal hand of the chaise was actually curved by hand, which made the chaise lounge unavailable to the public. It also had to be shipped in full assembly, which presented transportation troubles. Now, though, chaises (like ours) are put out into our stores so that anyone – with a good eye, of course – can have one to complete their home décor.

Father’s day is an important day to be celebrated and revered, and we know that you only want your dad to have the best – so let us help you! J. Douglas Design sends well wishes to ALL the Father's out there. Still not sure what he might love? Come down or call J. Douglas Design any time and we will gladly help you pick the best gift for your father and his tastes!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Matching Luxury

Here at J. Douglas Design we are always striving to give you, our clients, the finest selection of furniture and unique pieces for your home furnishing endeavors. And did you know? There is a magazine out there, which strives for the same sort of excellence that we do: Grand Luxe Magazine.

Grand Luxe Magazine works in the same circles as we do - with a distinctive style and a clientele who expects only the very best.

Every issue of Grand Luxe Magazine is filled with stunning full-color photography and includes culture, society and lifestyle features which are printed on the highest quality of paper around.

What all is in this magazine? Well, there are multiple profiles of influential people, the arts, philanthropy, destinations, fine dining, entertainment and luxury event coverage. And if you decide that you would like to be on of their Grand Luxe VIP members, then you have access to multiple different events like the monthly Happy Hours and Trunk Shows and the Annual Holiday Wish Book Cocktail Party, as well as the Grand Luxe Polo Cup Championship.

If you are one of our customers then we already know that you look for the best within your community, so, if you haven’t already, sign up today for Grand Luxe Magazine and enjoy all that life, and Dallas, has to offer!

Monday, May 16, 2011

International Museum Day and Art this May 18th

Have you ever been to a museum before and thought to yourself – there should be a day where we celebrate places like this! For those of you who do not know – there is!

(The World Museum Community) established International Museum Day in 1977 to encourage public awareness on the role of museums in the development of society, and ever since then the worldwide community of museums celebrates International Museum Day on May 18 every year.

Each year there is a theme, and this year the theme of the International Museum Day is Museums and Memory. Museums conserve memories and tell stories and they have, in their collections, several objects that are vital to the memory of the areas we live in. Many of them are delicate, some endangered, and they all need special care and protection. International Museum Day 2011 will be an opportunity to discover and re-discover your individual and collective memory.

The purpose, as a whole- of International Museum Day is to make communities around the world aware of their heritage and aware of where they came from as a people, and it is also to help share all that the museums have to offer. Museums, no matter which one you go to, all have the common purpose of sharing with the masses the different art and art styles that have come about in this huge world of ours.

What is the purpose of art though? The purpose of art is to communicate ideas and to create a sense of beauty in even the darkest of places. If you are looking to accomplish either one of these things, any type of art that speaks to who you are as a person would definitely help you do this.

At J. Douglas Design not only can we help you figure out how to incorporate this art into your home, but we also proudly feature and use the artwork of Phoenix Art Group in our designs. So not only can we give you the type of home furnishing and home accents needed to make your home truly yours, but we also have an insight into what kind of art can help you set yourself apart from the rest.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Taylor King Furniture - a perfect style for your home

Do you ever go into a furniture store looking for a specific “something” that you just cannot seem to find? Then, when you can’t find it, do you go home in frustration? Well, let Taylor King Furniture help you with our many own “do it yourself” styles in multiple different collections, where you get to design your own style and seating arrangements!

In the Taylor King Collection you can see that we have something called “Taylor Made,” which is our way of telling you that we have what you need to make the furniture that you want in only five steps. First you have to choose between “Standard” or “Continental” Depth. Then you choose which back you would like, and then follows the frame, then the arms. After all of that is done, you choose your base and you’re finished!

To get more specific, if you are looking at the King’s Road collection, you’ll see that we have something called “Cozy Creations” which helps you design any couch, chair, or loveseat into what you want in only four easy steps! First, you choose your back cushion, then pick the perfect seating arrangement from a single seat up to a full sectional. Then you get to choose the arm style, and lastly pick a base option. Depending on your taste, Cozy Creations can be designed for sophisticated elegance or everyday casual.

If you’re honestly tired of trying to look for something that can just not be found, make it yourself with Taylor King Furniture, which just so happens to be one of J. Douglas’s featured lines, which means you know that you’re getting the best quality of fine furniture around the Dallas area!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decorating with Vintage Wine-the color of the year

The color brown, along with its’ different variations, is once again being brought to the attention of the J. Douglas Community. In all areas of fashion today, whether it is in clothes, accessories, apparel items, paints, or furniture, the color Vintage Wine is making a comeback.

Benjamin Moore's color designers are even expecting the color Vintage Wine to be the Color of the Year for 2011.

Starting out on the fashion runways of New York, Paris and Milan, this dulcet hue with a hint of smoky violet and a deep brown base is just as striking in the home. This prevailing Vintage Wine color, being a deeper hue of brown, not only gives one the feeling of luxury and warmth, but also makes any room that has this color in its interior design have a cosmopolitan feel to it, because it does have the uncanny ability to make any room seem exceptionally refined. This color would go well in any room, like for the bedroom designs or living room designs, and could also work well if you just simply took the color and painted it on your walls, or even made it an accent wall of sorts.

What makes the Vintage Wine color so great is that not only is it a shade of brown, but it then has its own variations of shades as well. There is Mirage White, Touch of Gray, African Violet, Hazy Lilac, Cabernet and Night Shade so no matter what you want your room to look like; this color can show up in many different forms, and even make your room stand out even more.

As always – if for some reason you cannot seem to figure out how exactly to incorporate this fashion-trendy Vintage Wine color into your room, come by J. Douglas Design, and we will gladly give you some interior design tips to help you figure out how to make your room the best it can be.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brown - the color of sophistication this Spring

The color Brown denotes a feeling of warmth, comfort, and security. It is often described as natural, down-to-earth, and conventional but brown can also be sophisticated. When trying to decide what color to make those white walls of yours, consider the color brown if you’re trying to achieve this warm sophisticated look. Designing with brown isn't easy. You have to choose just the right shades for your spaces.

Many people have heard horror stories of the color Brown, makes a room look too small, makes a room too dark, too depressing - that is old news as Brown is one of the most popular colors these days, especially when it comes to designing.

Brown is considered a neutral color in landscape design and is often used as a background color but remains popular for fashion design and home décor and is normally easily matched with other colors, because it is so neutral in nature. If you want red, blue, or sleek silver, any shade of brown can be found to match. There’s Auburn, Beige, Chocolate, Sepia and many more even obscure shades.

Brown is a color that is used in many different ways in many different rooms. If you ever need to know what shade is right for you or for your favorite color let J. Douglas Design make the perfect choice of colors for your spaces. Just tell them you want to "go brown" and let them lead you down the right road. Decorating with the color brown isn't that hard but sometimes we need help in making the right shade choice and J. Douglas Design has the perfect way to open up your spaces with colors of browns.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleek Simplicity In Style

The modern trend of today’s sophisticated interior design? Sleek, Sensuous, and Simple. Luxury no longer comes in the form of over-abundance and an immeasurable number of things in a room. That's what Neicy would call - "Clutter".

Elegance is now knowing that there is only one couch in the whole room, but that the couch is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is comfortable too; form + function. Minimalism has become a new delicacy.

When someone walks into a room the first thing they want to see is cleanliness, sleekness, and that the person who’s room they are walking into has a good taste of art, home furnishings, and interior design, but that they also have a sense of when enough is actually too much. All of this together comes down to one thing – aesthetics.

Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy dealing with such ideas as the beautiful, the ugly, the sublime, the comic, etc. If one wants their room to “pop,” they have to be willing to be an aesthetician. What makes a room? The way everybody else views it – minus, of course, the person who designed it.

Not everybody, though, is cut out for the arduous task of figuring out what goes where in a room, and what looks good with whatever else. If for any reason you ever need help figuring out these many things that make your room the best it can be, get in touch with J. Douglas Design, where we are happy to help you in any way we can.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Details In The Design - Marge Carson

A room isn’t just meant to be a place where one sleeps, eats, or simply sits. Every room should be a place where someone can go to in order to escape the world around them. A room can only do that, though, if it is outfitted and the interior design is done in a careful way with the right home furnishings.

Even with the right couches, beds, covers, end tables, and so on, a room is never fully finished until one has all of the right accents in place. From buttons and closures, to nailheads and tassel ties, Marge Carson has thought of everything you need truly set your design apart from the rest. It's all in the details. Certainly - you want to create a fantastic room that is pleasing to the eye at first glance, but also one that even stands out on that 46th glance that you take, no matter how close you get or how far away you may be while looking in. Marge Carson designs take care of ALL the details that can really make a difference in your interior space.

Marge Carson is a fine furniture line that is great to use for any kind of interior design and we're pleased that they are one of the exclusive lines carried (and hand-selected) by J. Douglas Design.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Green is the color of the month

March is here there is so much going on. First of all, Mardi Gras is going on as we speak, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, right before the first day of Spring. With these holidays, you are sure to see the color green every where you look - green beads for Mardi Gras, green beer for St. Patrick’s Day and - of course - green grass for Spring. AND in case, you didn’t know the birthstone for March is “Aquamarine” (a greenish-blue color). So - GREEN IS the color for March. Bringing green into home design can work in any room and with any home furnishings.

In the Kitchen
Whether you have dark, rich cherry-wood or light, cream-colored cabinets, green is a beautiful accent to any kitchen. A soft, sage green wall compliments rich, wine red décor for a perfectly delicious treat. When your preference is a bright, airy space for your kitchen, opting for sea-green and/or aqua tone paired with bright coral or yellow make for a beautifully sea-worthy eatery.

In the Entry Way
Green in a foyer can be a nice transition between outside and in. Using different tones of green can accentuate the space. Maybe a light shade on the walls paired with dark green home accessories, such as a hanging lamp, glass vessels, or sconces. Of course, adding live, fresh is a great way to bring the outside in and welcomes your guest - as soon as they in the door.

In the Living Room
A dark, rich green adds sophistication and style to a living space to provide a cozy place to cuddle up and read a book or watch TV. Embellished edges and small streaks of contrasting color give a room weight when the palette is soft shades of ivy, sage, and grass green. Some of afraid to add dark colors with dark furniture, but intense green throw pillows against a rich brown leather sofa more than holds its own. Together, the two hues can enhance each other, evoking the beauty of a forest.

In the Bedroom
A master bedroom should be a serene oasis where the worries of the day melt away. Having the subtlety of sea-grass colored walls paired with crisp, white bedding and plush, soft green pillows makes for a refreshing and natural color scheme for a bedroom design.

In the Bathroom
And of course, who doesn’t want their own personal spa retreat just a few steps away? In a master bathroom, a soothing light green wall and soft, pastel towels rolled up on white furniture invites you right in. Adding delicious smelling candles and some beautiful potted (green) plants makes your bath a completely calming atmosphere that acts as your own personal sanctuary and getaway. Adding artwork and home furnishings can make any bathroom a retreat.

If you ever need help figuring out which “green” is right for you, contact J Douglas anytime for a personal Home Design Consultation.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Winning Interior Starts With The Furnishings - AND the Designer!

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and the home furnishings and accessories literally took your breath away? A space where every piece of furniture is a unique piece perfectly placed, and beautiful art and interesting pieces from around the world adorn the walls? Where everything fits into a clean and distinctive interior design? If you've walked into a home like this - and you're in the Dallas area - chances are - it was an interior design by J. Douglas Bradford of J. Douglas Design, Inc.

J. Douglas Design Inc. is the place to visit if you are ready to transform your home into the one described above - you know - the one that takes your breath away.

We offer the most exclusive brand-name furniture and fine furnishings - as well as interior accents and accessories, window treatments, fine rugs, and interior design services to help you take decorating your home to the next level.

J. Douglas Bradford has been creating award winning interior designs in Dallas for over 30 years. He or one of his designers will meet with you with one on one during your consultation to help you envision your “perfect” palace. From suggestions on colors & textures, furniture selections, fine art options, window treatments, and accessorizing - J. Douglas Design has it all covered where designing interiors is concerned.

So the next time you have that 'feeling' that transforming your house into a true showplace is what you need to be doing - visit the showroom at J. Douglas Design, we are certain that you won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bring Spring INSIDE

Getting over a winter (and several weeks of being cooped up with the kids due to unforseen snow days) calls for a nice, inexpensive 'renewal' of your interior design.

Open the windows, bring in the plants - and mix things up for the (sometimes volatile) Texas Spring!

Freshen up your home with Spring's delicate colors, lighten up your bedding (less covers needed in warmer months!) and revitalize your space with living plants. Prepare your psyche and your interior for the beauty and brightness that March, April and May bring.

Here are J. Douglas Design's tips for quick-pick-me-ups to revitalize and prepare your space (and your mood!) for Spring!

Paint Your Walls: If you're doing Spring cleaning anyway - then you're making more space and cleaning things things up a bit. Nothing says clean like a fresh coat of paint! And, it's an inexpensive way to truly transform a space with color. If you're one who paints often to change things up - select a bold Spring color. Spring will call for sky blues, dusty (but not drab) grays, perfectly picked pinks, yummy yellows, kiwi green - and of course - all shades of white are always in style.

If you're the type who fights change and are looking for something more stationery, then stick with a hue that works with your home furnishings, but don't be afraid to try something new! Keep in mind - paint is hands-down the EASIEST and CHEAPEST way to change things up - so test a few colors before you settle - and know you can always change it again and you won't break the bank.

Add color separately: Don't want to paint your wall? Try adding a piece of artwork or an accessory to add some pizazz to the room. Artwork, paintings, sculpture, vases, blankets, pillows - are all easy to find home furnishings that can add that something special to your space. Bring outdoor colors inside with beautiful bold green, pink and yellow accents to your current design. Take inspiration from cool water, bright flowers and a clear Texas sky!

Spring Patterns:
With pattern, you can add dimension, texture and color - but it does so in small doses. Again, accessorizing is inexpensive enough that you can test and try different things, and change things out season to season. Floral patterns and abstract organic shapes in pattern remind us of the promise of 'new' during the Spring months. Revive a dull solid neutral sofa with a set of bold, patterned pillows.

Change Curtains or Bedding: Just getting a new window treatment or swapping out your bedding will make a huge change. And for Spring - remember to lighten things up. When selecting your curtains, bedding or accessories for the home - simply think "tranquil, fresh, new, clean"....

Add REAL flowers: Spring's hot colors are inspired by the fresh flowers that are available during the Spring months - tulips, daisies, lilies. Market Street (and most grocery stores) are a great place to get fresh flowers, inexpensively. Stick with a color scheme (I like off white lilies with dark greenery - it goes with everything and is pure, clean and Springlike!) Put them in an inexpensive glass container, and let them brighten your life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work-It While Working From Home

More and more people are working from home these days and finding it difficult to find the extra “office” space needed to do their job.

Even more challenging is making it stylish and fit in with the rest of your home furnishings and interior design.

There are a lot of things to consider when designing your home office - here are just a few:

Space -
Space is probably the biggest factor to where and how you will design your home office. If potential clients are on the agenda, you will need to have a space close to a door for easy access. Also, having adequate space on both sides of the desk is a must if you have clients visiting your home office. Noise is another thing to consider. If the house is shared with other people - especially young children, there should be a separate room with a door designated for the office. Many of these spaces depend on how much privacy you need to work. Just a wall or two designated for office space in the family room, living room, a bedroom, or some other room may be appropriate. Possibly sharing the office with another room, such a dining room or living area - separated with bookshelves. Or even a guest room with a sleeper sofa or get a Murphy bed which folds up into the wall. Having ample storage space is also key to any room, but in an office area, it is essential for organization.

Storage -
Having ample storage space is key to any room - but in an office area, it is essential for the organization of your home business. A well designed closet can help you organize everything to function properly in your home office. Determining your needs is the first step. Separate items into different categories such as materials, documents, files, boxes and extra space for any inventory needed to store on site. Having a filing cabinet, closet supply and a place to sort mail is important to help reduce clutter.

Lighting -
Depending on what your home business is will help you determine how much and what type of lighting you need to effectively light your work space. Glares on a computer monitor can cause serious eye strain and headaches, so be sure to adjust your light from any windows and any other sources of ambient light. Task lighting is a good idea for such important tasks as reading, writing and working on the computer. Accent lighting can provide a more relaxed and beautiful workspace, while communicating to any clients that the office is professionally run and the business is competent. The proper lighting can make the office and workspace much more pleasant and efficient.

Furniture -
When working from home, you will probably spend many hours in your office space. Having an interior that is soothing and relaxing can improve your mood and make you look forward to the time spent there. But, offices need a clear work area, with adequate space for computer, a file space and a location for frequently referenced supplies and paper. Most offices need a desk, a very comfy chair, computer (& any other equipment), a filing cabinet and possibly a few shelves. It is best to invest in office furniture that is sturdy and provides ample space for work and storage.

Your home office design should be truly all about you and whatever you can imagine. But, if you ever need help with ideas, you can always turn to J Douglas Designs to help your business grow.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spotlight: Theodore Alexander

You already know that J. Douglas Designs only carries the very best in fine furniture and home furnishings. Our 10,000+ square foot Dallas furniture showroom showcases the most beautiful and unique pieces available - each of which has been hand-picked personally by Mr. Bradford himself.

One of the most interesting lines we carry, is Theodore Alexander. A leading manufacturer of fine furniture, their exquisite and vast collection of furniture and furnishings employ hundreds of designs, and hundreds of inspirations - resulting in thousands of styles - from eclectic to traditional.

Of course, Theodore Alexander is also known for quality. Each piece custom crafted to last a lifetime. With quality and timeless designs like theirs, you can pass it down - generation to generation.

The brand was born in 1996 - and is a sister brand to Maitland Smith - created by industry legend Paul Maitland Smith. Maitland Smith has been an industry leader in quality, style and selection for over 25 years.

Want to investigate Maitland Smith or Theodore Alexander pieces for your interior design? Contact us at J. Douglas Design today or visit our Dallas furniture showroom to see the beauty and quality of these lines.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Is (Almost) In The Air...

All this snow and the harsh winter winds have forced many to stay indoors more than usual these past few weeks. And especially after the vibrant colors and festive music and lights of the holidays - your interior design, home furnishings and furniture might seem now just as “cold and dreary” as it has been outside. But warmer weather is just around the corner - sunshine is on it's way!

Rescue your living space from the winter doldrums by adding a splash of color, texture or an accessory! Adorn your sofa with a bold new throw, top your bare, empty mantle with a candle or display some your fabulous gallery art work on your walls.

Here are just a few other ideas for fighting the winter blues at home:
Winter whites. While there is something magical about the season's first glistening snowfall-by the time February is here, certain parts of the country (and us too after last week!) are sick of the thick white stuff. Consider some shades of white. They're light, bright, and soothing. In fact, a creamy white color scheme and sparkling accessories can actually recapture some of the magic and warmth that winter holds (without reminding us of the Ice Queen from Narnia). Line your tables with white linens and dishes. Create a warm glow with a display of white pillar candles in silver, glass or crystal candle holders. Place white roses or other equally creamy flowers in a pretty vase.

Keep It Cool.
Light greens and blues can give anyone spring fever! The colors are uber-cool - light and airy, too - and are grounded with rich, neutral grays. You can really add some 'pop' to your design by using these relaxing and calming hues. Try a sage green chair a to accent snowy white bedding, add a bit of color to your bedding with pale blue pillows. They'll enhance the mood and setting of the entire space. With color, you can design a bedroom that is tranquil, with plenty of panache, class - and - most importantly - it will be your private sanctuary.

Go Really Green. While the mounds of brown, soggy grass and droopy trees outside your window aren't exactly a pleasant sight, having fresh, bright plants or flowers inside can always perk you right back up. In a variety of unique colors and shapes, indoor plants and herbs are the perfect solution to wake up your indoor space-especially if they're displayed in a pretty pot or planter. They also improve indoor air quality.

Exciting new hues. Take the chill out of the season by adding a vibrant new color into your decorating scheme, perhaps by painting an accent wall or simply adorning sofas and chairs with plush, oversized pillows. 2011 brings a variety of luscious color trends, such as light citrus yellow, rich-vintage wine and “honeysuckle“ pink (as we learned is the Color Of the Year from Pantone and is the perfect color for Spring).

Of course, you can always contact J. Douglas Designs for more ideas to help lift your rooms out of the winter doldrums and inspire you to give your home an early spring makeover.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Focus on Phoenix Art Group

Trying to find the right artwork to accent your home furnishings can be a time consuming and arduous task. Whether you need original paintings; multi-dimensional art from acrylic, wood, metal or mixed media; digital art; poster prints; photography; or hand-made or manufactured frames, we've got just the line of artistic accents to fulfill your need for serious style. And you already know - we only hand select the finest brands, the best quality and most unique pieces for our showroom and to use in our interior design.

From a series of original paintings with complementary frames to a single sculpture for a prominent focal point to lines of art that are better suited to less prominent spaces or more limited budgets, Phoenix Art Group has tons of art selections to accent any interior style from minimal, to abstract - to traditional.

Think styles, colors and mediums to inspire ideas and make your home truly distinctive among their extensive collection of fine art.

We understand that your project is unique. We know that you might be working with a budget, as well - that's why we selected this extraordinary collection of fine art for our Dallas furniture showroom and interior design services. Phoenix Art Group has the capabilities to meet your need for lasting beauty and extraordinary value.

Anywhere you have a need for beauty, creativity, color and style to accentuate you home decor; visit us for the finest in all types of home furnishings and accents - as well as our award-winning interior design services. We're proud to feature and use the artwork of Phoenix Art Group in our designs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going Global In Your Home Design

For 2011 trends in interior design - there has been a resurgence of interest in patterns and textures that have a global influence. Creating an atmosphere with taste of other cultures and a very unique style is easy, and each influence can have a different effect on your interior space.

A serene touch of Asian style, or South American flavor in a European home or maybe a 'Wild Wild West' theme in a beach vacation dwelling is possible without having to relocate to another country. You can have worldwide flair in your home, wherever you live.

New trends for furniture include rich, ethnic-inspired wood pieces and decorations. You can use wall hangings, antique blankets or other items made with luxurious and exotic textiles as well. Use these textiles to add pattern, texture, shape and definition to your walls or throw them casually over a sofa for a colorful accessory.

Moroccan and Indian items have been most popular and is always a bold, dynamic look. But, Aboriginal, Native American and African tribal patterns, including bold geometrics, are still front and center when used correctly. (in other words - never EVER go overboard with pattern. Use pattern to ACCENT your space, not DOMINATE it)

There is global influence of the color palettes across the world-mixing earth tones of browns, grays, and greens, with vibrant uplifting global accents of pinks, blues, oranges, yellows and purples. Rich jewel tones are the cornerstone of any global design and shows best on luxurious finishes and textiles like velvets and satins.

You can also add global intrigue by using souvenirs from world travel. Try using items from travels such as postcards, train tickets, jewelry picked up in a market, photos, coins or small paintings and have them assembled in a shadow box. Group your framed items so that they have a common denominator such as similar frames, a common color or related subjects. Each will have its own personality yet something in common that pulls the collection together. They will also look fantastic placed on a fireplace mantel, surrounded by travel books or hung on a wall with several other similar images.

Contact J. Douglas Designs Interior Design and Fine Furniture today to learn how we can utilize patterns and textures to bring a ‘global’ look to your interior space!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Color Of The Year - HONEYSUCKLE

If you ask J. Douglas Designs where to get ideas and inspirations for color, you would soon learn about the Pantone FASHION + HOME Color System. Most interior decorators (and designers, painters or artists of other types) are VERY familiar with the Pantone color system, and we typically rely on Pantone’s trend predictions for color.

AND the PANTONE COLOR OF 2011 is… (drum roll...)

It's A Color for All Seasons

“Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it!”

Honeysuckle is an upbeat and dynamic shade of pink. It can provoke romance and glamour, and it is the color of love's first blush. Pink delivers feel-good emotion in the same way that a beautiful flower blooms, one layer at a time. Honeysuckle is a very versatile color that can fit into any room!

In a living room, subtle touches of pink in an otherwise neutrally hued room add flair. Using color in small doses keeps a formal room from feeling overwhelming. This bold color can wake up a white kitchen or it can bathe your entire kitchen in a warm, soft, relaxing light that creates warmth and coziness. And of course, this pinkish/red hue is perfect for any nursery or a fun, vibrant bathroom for a hip teenage girl.

Contact J. Douglas Designs today to learn more about how with our award-winning furniture and interior design experience - we can help you add a little pizazz to any area of your home - even just with the right color - to turn your space into the beautiful retreat you've been waiting for.