Friday, September 16, 2011

The Magic Of Missoni

And so it was, this week - Target's website crashed repeatedly all day during the debut of Italian designer Missoni's partnership line of apparel, footwear, luggage and housewares in a 400-piece collection.

Exclusive high-end runway meets affordable home design. This is the do-it-yourself interior designer's dream come true. It's also a great, cost-effective way to deck out a kid's room, or a dorm room.

While the high-movement patterns may not suit everyone's taste, they are sure to accent or blend into most spaces, and the colors are hugely flexible. The patterns are fairly flexible as well - as they are quite simple; lines mostly.

Plus, there are a few must-have gems in the collection of home accessories - (which likely explains why EVERYTHING is still out of stock). And then there is the PRICE. Can't beat that part.

We loved this ribbon pillow because of it's bold and dimensional texture. It sort of makes you want to reach out and touc it. We also loved the large table vase, as it looks hugely expensive - but isn't really, and from an artsy point of view - we liked the movement of the lines, it 'flows' in a way that makes the eye move up and down - to experience the entire shape of the piece. A little piece of art, if you will.

When can you get yours? Nobody knows! Not now. But hold tight - we're sure that the success of the Missoni Target line will keep Target ordering more, and the style is likely to be mimicked by other designers. Their zig-zag might be trademarked, but you can look for bold pattern and touchable texture to stay put through 2012.

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