Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating 22 Years Of Interior Design Excellence

At J. Douglas Design - we're celebrating 22 years of Dallas interior design excellence! We are thrilled to have been named WFAA-List Best of Dallas Furniture for 2010, are proud to be the recipient of the prestigious McSam Award, and none of it would have been possible without YOU!

Of course - we only select the finest brands of home furnishings and accessories - such as Christopher Guy, Fine Art Lamps and we are the exclusive Dallas area retailer for Marge Carson; and that helps.

To celebrate - we're offering:
20% OFF
furniture, special order and design services until August 15th!

Contact our office for more information on how you can take advantage of these savings and refresh your design just in time for holiday entertaining.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dallas Interior Design Spotlight: Christopher Guy Furnishings

Christopher Guy Harrison is to interior design as Prada is to fashion and accessories. With heirloom quality and timeless designer style - Christopher Guy interior furnishings are elegant, sophisticated - and hand crafted. At J. Douglas Design - we've been using Christopher Guy furnishings for years in our interior design projects - and for good reason: his pieces are among the most distinctive in the interior and home furnishing market.

The quality of his designs comes from a true mastery of the materials - combined with a cross-cultural flair for detail inspired from European and Asian craftsmanship. The end results are usually fine furniture a fusion of several different genres of design, modern and traditional at the same time - but ALWAYS in style.

His fine furnishings can be seen in movies and high-end hotels and commercial facilities worldwide. From the Venetian Las Vegas, to Ritz Carlton worldwide and Trump Plaza New York - exclusive and expensive destinations and those with a taste for luxury know well the Christopher Guy name.

More recently, he and his legendary internationally inspired designs received the highest honors of World Market Center Las Vegas: the Design Icon Award. The "Design Icon" award honors design visionaries who have created a body of work that left an indelible print on the industry. Created in 1996, the honor gives modern-day design legends a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red, White and Blue: What it Means For Interior Design

This July 4th weekend, we thought it'd be cool to venture into the RED, WHITE and BLUE of interior design! And what better way to do it - than with Feng Shui - the ancient Asian art of using color and space to balance your life.

Turns out, the color meanings of Old Glory and the American colors are VERY fitting when referenced from Feng Shui. Some of the descriptive words would be - powerful, poised, confident, wise, adventurous, peaceful and trusting. Sounds like America to us!

Most colors in Feng Shui can be broken down into two groups - Yang, and Yin. Yang colors typically tend to be fire and wood elements. Yang colors will be the colors that provide you the enthusiasm or the positive energy required to do something or be motivated. On the other end of the spectrum - are the Yin colors, which are the colors that bring about healing and relaxation. Obviously, you need a balance of these - for optimal success, luck, motivation and mental clarity. On this patriotic holiday - let's look more into RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Red: is Feng Shui's power color! Its feng shui color meaning is warmth - or, heat, strength and power, fame & fortune, and happiness. Something we all need, right?

White represents poise, confidence and purity.

Blue: Blue is cool, calm and soothing. This color has great significance in Feng Shui as it reflects love as it heals and relaxes. Blue creates a feeling of peace and trust. Since it is the color of the sea and sky, Feng Shui associates it with adventure and exploration. Navy blue is the color of intellect and wisdom.

Need a little help integrating color for your best balance? Contact Dallas interior design firm J. Douglas Design - we're always on standby to help.