Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dallas Interior Design Spotlight: Christopher Guy Furnishings

Christopher Guy Harrison is to interior design as Prada is to fashion and accessories. With heirloom quality and timeless designer style - Christopher Guy interior furnishings are elegant, sophisticated - and hand crafted. At J. Douglas Design - we've been using Christopher Guy furnishings for years in our interior design projects - and for good reason: his pieces are among the most distinctive in the interior and home furnishing market.

The quality of his designs comes from a true mastery of the materials - combined with a cross-cultural flair for detail inspired from European and Asian craftsmanship. The end results are usually fine furniture a fusion of several different genres of design, modern and traditional at the same time - but ALWAYS in style.

His fine furnishings can be seen in movies and high-end hotels and commercial facilities worldwide. From the Venetian Las Vegas, to Ritz Carlton worldwide and Trump Plaza New York - exclusive and expensive destinations and those with a taste for luxury know well the Christopher Guy name.

More recently, he and his legendary internationally inspired designs received the highest honors of World Market Center Las Vegas: the Design Icon Award. The "Design Icon" award honors design visionaries who have created a body of work that left an indelible print on the industry. Created in 1996, the honor gives modern-day design legends a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

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