Monday, July 28, 2014

Interior Design Trend - Framed Digital Art

If it's easy, trendy, personal and beautiful - sign us up. We're talking about 'digital art' - that is, utilizing a framed digital display to showcase JPG format images, animations and graphics - even video - in your home or workspace interior design.  Unlimited possibilities, easy to change and update: sounds divine, yes? It's no wonder this is why 'digital art' is fast becoming popular as an interior design trend.

What's more - is that these pieces can be connected to your iPhone or Android so that you can swap artwork o the fly,  remotely.

Why we love the idea: What's coolest about this - is the artwork you can display.  Up and coming artists are supported. The frames are available in multiple sizes, and colors, and with purchase - you download an accompanying app. There is an app that goes along with the frames, where aspiring artists are encouraged to list their artwork. This puts their work in homes and interiors all over the world - and pays them for use.  Currently  - this concept - called "Framed" is on the crowd funding website, KickStarter:

"The evolution of technology and accessibility of the Internet has brought out a wonderful range of digital art, and now we have an innovative way of sharing that art, and presenting it in way that pays respect to the artists that created them," explains FRM Co-Founder and Creative Director Yugo Nakamura.

The HD screen and integrated computer lets users display artworks found or purchased online, or even upload their own. Framed has a Kickstarter starting price of $399.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Focus on Lighting

Light has intrigued man since the dawn of time. What started out as tallow candles and gas lamps in the early centuries evolved into to a plethora of light sources powered by electricity, chemicals or combustion in the modern day. Light is an essential part of our daily activities. Just like we need air, water and food to survive we need light in order to function efficiently. Gone are the days when people used to stop working after sunset. The use of light in interior spaces greatly affects the environment and mood of the space.

Here are some of the of lighting to consider during the process of interior design.

1) Natural light: The sun is the biggest source of light available. It is normally assumed that sunlight can penetrate inside a space for about 7 feet (approximately 20 meters). If the architect has taken proper care during planning of the structure, then sunlight can be a very good and free source of light. Sunlight also keeps the air clean by killing any possible bacterial attacks which might be harmful to health. Interior designers tend to love natural light and know best how to put it to use in a home.

 2) Artificial filler lights: These types of lights work on electricity and are required mostly at night time, unless you live in a geographical location where the weather is cloudy for a good portion of the year. At such times filler lights are used to give the same effect the sunlight would create. As the name suggests, these types of lights "fill" the space evenly with light, eliminating any dark spaces. Of course, this is the most commonly used kinds of lighting. Think overhead fixtures, chandeliers etc.

3) Special lighting for special spaces: Special lighting is required at spaces where it is necessary to create a mood or special ambience inside a space. To achieve this use of color is done. Lighting fixtures like spot lights are used to divert the attention of the crowd at certain focused areas. This same focus effect is used in commercial showrooms to enhance the importance of the display areas.

4) Extreme lighting: This type of lighting is used in spaces where the activities have a special purpose, such as movie studios, pubs, dance floors, etc. Here the lighting used can be of movable types, or can have more sophisticated controls such as intensity, color, movement, or even controlled through music beats.

Some of these have even been put to use in homes by creative interior designers. The activities happening inside a space directly affect the type of lighting used inside a space. A properly planned lighting plan can greatly enhance the quality of a space. Working with your interior designer is your best option when it comes to determining what lighting will work for your space.

Shown: Maitland-Smith Verdigris and Antique Brass African Wildlife Chandelier, Eggshell Bowl, Leather Shades

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Each Piece A Masterpiece - Christopher Guy

When we say that each Christopher Guy piece is hand-crafted, we aren't joking. Not only is each piece hand-assembled, but one might not believe the thought and innovation that goes into each design. 

Christopher Guy, is a brilliant creator and award-winning designer also noted as a 'Living Legend'. The creativity, and superior furniture crafting of each piece makes Christopher Guy furnishings a favorite among clients of J. Douglas Design, as well as Douglas himself. We're thrilled to be the exclusive Dallas retailer of Christopher Guy furniture.

We stumbled across this video below - that shows a bit more in detail, the care and attention to each and every piece of furniture that rolls out of the Christopher Guy factory.

Christopher Guy is opening a new showroom in Beverly Hills, California this very day, and has plans for a showroom in New York City later in the year. We expect to continue to see big things from Christopher Guy - including high-profile set design and celebrity styles including his pieces very soon, and we're thrilled.