Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Is (Almost) In The Air...

All this snow and the harsh winter winds have forced many to stay indoors more than usual these past few weeks. And especially after the vibrant colors and festive music and lights of the holidays - your interior design, home furnishings and furniture might seem now just as “cold and dreary” as it has been outside. But warmer weather is just around the corner - sunshine is on it's way!

Rescue your living space from the winter doldrums by adding a splash of color, texture or an accessory! Adorn your sofa with a bold new throw, top your bare, empty mantle with a candle or display some your fabulous gallery art work on your walls.

Here are just a few other ideas for fighting the winter blues at home:
Winter whites. While there is something magical about the season's first glistening snowfall-by the time February is here, certain parts of the country (and us too after last week!) are sick of the thick white stuff. Consider some shades of white. They're light, bright, and soothing. In fact, a creamy white color scheme and sparkling accessories can actually recapture some of the magic and warmth that winter holds (without reminding us of the Ice Queen from Narnia). Line your tables with white linens and dishes. Create a warm glow with a display of white pillar candles in silver, glass or crystal candle holders. Place white roses or other equally creamy flowers in a pretty vase.

Keep It Cool.
Light greens and blues can give anyone spring fever! The colors are uber-cool - light and airy, too - and are grounded with rich, neutral grays. You can really add some 'pop' to your design by using these relaxing and calming hues. Try a sage green chair a to accent snowy white bedding, add a bit of color to your bedding with pale blue pillows. They'll enhance the mood and setting of the entire space. With color, you can design a bedroom that is tranquil, with plenty of panache, class - and - most importantly - it will be your private sanctuary.

Go Really Green. While the mounds of brown, soggy grass and droopy trees outside your window aren't exactly a pleasant sight, having fresh, bright plants or flowers inside can always perk you right back up. In a variety of unique colors and shapes, indoor plants and herbs are the perfect solution to wake up your indoor space-especially if they're displayed in a pretty pot or planter. They also improve indoor air quality.

Exciting new hues. Take the chill out of the season by adding a vibrant new color into your decorating scheme, perhaps by painting an accent wall or simply adorning sofas and chairs with plush, oversized pillows. 2011 brings a variety of luscious color trends, such as light citrus yellow, rich-vintage wine and “honeysuckle“ pink (as we learned is the Color Of the Year from Pantone and is the perfect color for Spring).

Of course, you can always contact J. Douglas Designs for more ideas to help lift your rooms out of the winter doldrums and inspire you to give your home an early spring makeover.

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