Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dorm Room Design 101

You’re FREE from school.... and with that freedom comes a new responsibility and some new fun. One of the greatest joys of going off to college is being able to work your own magic with the interior design of your dorm room.

Decorating your collage dorm room is a great way to show off your new found freedom and independence and you can throw in your fun personality.

BE EFFICIENT: Let’s face, dorm rooms haven't always been the most 'super great' space in terms of space, location and size – but they are getting better. They don't have great closet space, and at times – more than one person in the bathroom and not too many quiet nights... but with efficient space saving home furnishings and uber cool stores like Ikea, the things you can do and the money you can save when decorating a dorm room are growing! Many colleges and universities are making their dorm rooms larger and a little more hip.

PERSONALIZE: Personalizing your dorm room with your own bedding is a great way to start. Typically you will have a twin or XL twin bed in your dorm so make it WORK! Shop for fun comforters and pillows and make it colorful and make it YOU. You can even add a mattress cover for extra softness. Mattress covers even come in organic materials if you have allergies.

MAKE IT FUN: Add fun things to your dorm room wall like pictures, bulletin boards or posters but BE WARNED – don’t infringe on your roommates territory. This can be the biggest mistake ever when going off to college. You'll want to work to get along with your roommate - and bring them in on the designing aspect. They might have some throw pillows that make the combined space. Toss down some rugs and some fun lamps and put on the fun tunes and your time will be great. Don't forget - cool cowhide rugs add lots of pizazz to a dorm room - super cool, super durable.

REMEMBER WHY YOU'RE THERE: Unless you are there to become an interior designer - it's important to prioritize with money and time spent on decorating. Don’t forget that the reason why your there at college and that is to learn. So before you have the coolest, most awesome decor on the hall - make sure you have the basics: that your desk is equipped with a nice desk lamp, plenty of space for your laptop and books and of course.. a picture of Mom and Dad from home. Picture frames reminding you of home can be influential in your success.

Good luck, Graduate!

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