Friday, August 26, 2011

Designing A College Boy's Dorm Room

Entering college comes with many questions about the professors, intramurals, the social scene - but perhaps MOST importantly: How do I turn this 10 x 10 square they call a “dorm” into my home for the next two semesters?

While girls are busy bringing their fun accessories and fluffing-up their up-kept, clean and tidy rooms—it can be easy to neglect the interior design needs of dorm rooms for guys. You don’t have the be a interior designer to make your dorm your own, and especially for males – it's about finding the right balance - and the right interior furnishings.

Guarantee your room stands out from the rest and still stay within your budget. Rock that college dorm room interior decorating thing!

Designing Uber-Small Spaces for Young Men - 101

1 - Use “manly” colors. Typically, fall colors are considered the most masculine. These colors include browns, khakis, and dark reds and greens. Painting your walls one of these colors will not only make your room look more lively, but also be recognized as a room full of men! Long gone are the days of posters on the walls and beer signs. And don't forget the super-cool, super-metro GRAY shades - they go with nearly everything - and are very HOT right now.

2. Get that young man a futon & bunk combo. Nothing says "college" like a comfortable futon underneath a lofted bed, so get one! Plus, it's a HUGELY efficient use of space. Have your friends over for late-night gaming sessions or movies on the couch and soak up as much of the dorm community as possible! Throw some nice pillows on the futon for a more classy if you have a date. Toss a nice quilt or blanket over the back to add some personality.

Utilizing your space is important, but making your space personal is key. Remember these two tips for your room to make it home.

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