Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresh Southern Summer Fabrics

What fabrics keep your design (and your body!) cool during these hot Texas summers? Does your Dallas interior design work well with these hot Dallas summer days?

Certainly, cotton fabrics are divine in terms of quality, cost and coolness, and are a natural fiber with tons of organic variations. Any savvy interior Designer knows this. But - the design industry is also utilizing the newer cotton/linen and hemp combinations in fabrics.

Perhaps the most important aspect of designing with fabric to consider during these hot summer months is your bedding. It needs to cover you, be stylish - but not smother you - especially here in the South.

Image Credit - from Southern Living - A Cottage White master bedroom.

Of course - color therapy plays in as well. White for that 'light airy' feeling, anda shabby-chic southern antique feel. Distressed milkwashed walls and a some flea-market-perfect accessories really romanticize this space. The whimsical chandelier over the bed seals the deal. What's important to note, is that the bedding is that light, fluffy (both in color, weight and texture) feathery down comfortable. Summer-cool, and Southern-chic.

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