Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Iconic American Design Styles - Part 2

American homes, both interior design and architecture - have stood with proud columns and elaborate moldings, have been modern and minimal, some traditional - while others sat tucked away in the hills - a log cabin with a western or rustic style.

In our first post, we featured the Iconic American colonial-style design that draws its roots from the 13 colonies. In our second post of our Iconic American Design Styles, we’ll discuss a 19th century style that can still be found in older neighborhoods today: Tudor Style.

Tudor Style
Tudor-style homes are still popular and are mostly found in the older neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the country. Tudor-style homes are symbolic for their stucco, wood and stonework exteriors that build up to highly steeped roof lines and facades.

Tudor-style homes take their inspiration from European medieval homes in England in the 19th century and create a true storybook feeling home.

Create your own Tudor Style design by first tackling some exterior work that will distinctly associate it with its medieval inspiration. Consider adding in wide windows that feature plenty of light and some old-world furniture.

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