Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Furry Fine Furnishings For Pampered Pets Only

Some people have it all... and so do some pets...

There are a few very lucky pets out there, who live in the same luxury their human parents enjoy. And there are some, even luckier - who get to sleep in a custom bed by exclusive designers of fine furniture, Marge Carson.

The Murphy Pet Sofa from Marge Carson is just one example of the posh home accessories you could lavish on your furry friend. With it, you can of course, brag about and display your pet's keen sense of style.

Like most Marge Carson pieces, the attention to detail is second to none. Your best friend can return to his or her animalistic roots with the fashionable (but not overdone) plush animal print bedding and pillow accessory. And, they'll be barking for years about the circular, comfortable shape of the piece, the rich leather, and the stud detail along the perimeter of the base and accents along the edges.

Not too RUFF....

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