Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got Style?

A style, or theme, is a consistent idea used throughout a room or space to create a feeling of 'completeness'. Have you discovered your favorite design styles? Most people choose their interior design style for very personal reasons - for a lot of people it is simply a matter of taste. A designer develops a home architecture and interior design for a customer that has a style and theme that the prospective owner likes and mentally connects to.

Some themes often follow period styles. Examples of this are Louis XV, Victorian, Feng Shui, International, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, English Georgian, Art Deco, and many more. The evolution of interior decoration themes has now grown to include themes not necessarily consistent with a specific period style allowing the mixing of pieces from different periods.

Each element should contribute to form, function, or both and maintain a consistent standard of quality and combine to create the desired design.

Maybe you are inspired by your travels. A summer holiday to Tuscany? Backpacking in Asia? A trip to France? A relaxing week on a tropical beach? These are all good interior design themes to choose from, as your room will always remind you of your wonderful memories and make you feel happy and relaxed when you are in it.

Whether you have a favorite design style or two in mind or working with a blank slate, J. Douglas Design is here to help you implement the perfect theme and make sure that you’ve got style!

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