Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looking To 2011 - Inspirations For New Year

It's time to get out the 'crystal ball of good taste' - and speculate on what the hot trends for interior design will be in 2011. But we don't have to use the crystal ball - actually. We already know what works: great hue choices that reflect your inner feelings and personality, ONLY the best and most unique furniture and home furnishings/pieces, and accessories (don't overdo accessories - careful!). Throw all these ingredients into your design-blender and voila! You've got a smoothie of a solid design. And what's best - it'll be a design that will work for YOU - for YEARS.

Still, there's speculation out there - such as that of imm cologne - interior design experts 'showcasing the interiors of the future'. They're European - and - we like Europe. We really like the 'deep thoughts' associated with their 2011 interior design trends. Of course - a huge influence is that of sustainability, as well as progress and innovation. They've dubbed "Emotional Austerity", "Surprising Empathy", "Re-Balancing" and "Transforming Perspectives" as the guiding principles for interior design next year - check it out it's fascinating!

If this is all to much for you, and you just want an exquisite interior space, then skip reading all this stuff, and call J. Douglas Bradford. He's your Dallas interior designer - and he also sells and designs with the finest furniture on the market.

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