Thursday, October 11, 2012

Julianne Moore - Moonlight Interior Designer

When she's not winning Emmys, Julianne Moore moonlights as an interior designer. This month's issue of Elle features the home of Moore's stylist, Leslie Fremar, a Tribeca loft decorated by the thespian herself. Actually, this is the second of Leslie's homes that Julianne has decorated. Almost five years ago she dressed up Leslie's tiny West Village Apartment. Having recently relocated to a large three-bedroom TriBeCa loft, Fremar once again relied on her famous friend's decorating prowess. The result? Understated. Minimal. Elegant. We love this home.

Here are some simple yet effective design techniques we spotted along the way.
  • Use a dark-hued paint to “carve” smaller areas in large rooms. This allows you to have multiple smaller, more focused areas. For example a reading nook.
  • Reclaim and recycle if it fits the bill. Moore transformed a vintage Marni dress into a chic throw pillow and converted reclaimed-wood into a beautiful dining table.
  • Neutral go with everything. Throw blankets, rugs and more.
  • Everyone looks better by candlelight. Candlelight isn't just for romantic dinners. Make use of them in unexpected ways.
  • Go custom when you need something to fit in that special place. The bench on the cover image, above, is a perfect fit under the bright window. 
Moore proves again that she isn't great just at her day job. Like many truly talented celebrities, her artistic skills transfer to other mediums as well.

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