Friday, February 8, 2013

Plywood On The Inside - Design Using Plywood

Ever thought of using plywood in your interior design? It's inexpensive and can be found at Home Depot.  Right. It's not something we'd have come up with either.  Sure, there's plywood in some furniture, or under or 'inside' certain arrangements - but on the walls, floor and in the design or furniture facing - ? No. In fact, we had to see this to believe it. But believe it: because it's beautiful.

In this Toyko designer's home, concrete is used in conjunction with plywood for an ultra-minimal look and feel with a clean, fresh feel to it.

Turns out, you can use plywood just about anywhere - floors, ceilings, paneling - and there are treatments to seal it. It's the natural color of plywood that make it unique; it's light coloration and subtle grain.

It doesn't have the thickness, durability or 'rich' feel that deeper, heavier woods have - but if minimal and modern is your style, and you're looking for some great ideas not to break the budget - we think these are some great ideas and inspirations with plywood.

For the full article on Design Milk, click here.

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