Monday, May 13, 2013

New Construction Allows New Interior Design

Purchasing a new home can be an overwhelming experience but should be an enjoyable one. A new home brings with it a new neighborhood, new communities and a new opportunity to start fresh – that’s why there’s no better time to enjoy the luxury of a blank canvas inside your home… waiting for you to put a bit of “you” into it.

Recently built homes share little in common with those that were built decades ago. Some are larger; others are smaller but more efficient when considering energy and lighting. All in all, the features of newer, modern homes are something to be celebrated and something to consider when planning your interior design direction.

Large, Open Living Spaces
Most are much more practical for entertaining and enjoying the company of others because they feature wide floor plans and open living spaces.

No more struggling to catch a glimpse of the “big game” on TV. These open living spaces allow for entertaining larger amounts of guest without compromising on the coziness of a comfortable home.
Warm, inviting and durable furniture in an open living room is a great accent to a great atmosphere.

The lighting in your home can make a big difference when personalizing your new home. In a new home, you’re able to pick and choose your own light fixtures that fit into your vision of each room.
Some beautiful accents in modern rooms are spotlights and lamps that feature specific locations, such as a focus over a gathering area in a living room.

Ceiling of modern homes are higher than their older counterparts. They provide an open feeling to those inside and give off a sense of sophistication when decorated with colors, artwork and curtains that catch the breeze from an open window.

Seize the opportunity to maximize the benefits of new construction with reference to your home accessories selection and interior design plan. 

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