Friday, June 21, 2013

Interiors Through The Ages - Series

Our ancestors of long ago lived in caves and told their stories on the walls of their homes. Today, we learn so much about their lifestyle as hunters and gatherers - and can imagine what their living quarters might have been like. A caveman's interior design might include cold cave floors, animal furs when available, hides and stones.  Certainly it was exciting when fire was added, and tools were developed - to add to the mix of medium - wood and textiles once folks could see during the evening hours to weave.

Hieroglyphics still line the inside of caves and tunnel walls in Egypt, telling of their ancient ancestors. Carvings into stones and upholstery were how art and design were communicated through the Dark Ages. It’s no secret there has long been human desire to decorate and adorn their dwellings - and that hasn’t changed throughout the years.

In this series, we’ll be walking through modern interior design history a bit, and seeing how design trends have changed throughout the years. Tune back in - during the weeks to come where we will touch on trends from this century - the 60's, 70's and beyond.

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