Monday, October 7, 2013

Dining Through The Holidays

The dining space of any dwelling often represents the real heart of the home. Dining rooms bring together family and friends for sustenance, celebrations, and are a place or warmth and connection that nourish the body and the soul. The dining room is a unique place that reflects your family heritage, and makes new friends feel at home.
Choose your d├ęcor for this special space from the heart. You can create a warm, but fashionable room that invites and excites.
The dining table is the natural focal point of the dining area. You could choose from a world of shapes, styles, sizes and even materials when selecting your dining room table. Make use of fresh florals as your centerpiece for a stunning display of nature in all its elegance. For efficient use of space, and an extra-close dining experience, try replacing one side of your dining chairs with a bench. This ‘communal seating’ is a trick of the trade in the interior design world to add more space.
Lighting creates the ambiance for the room. Whether your space is filled with flecks of reflected light from a distinctive chandelier, or is less formally and more dimly lit by trendy wall sconces, your lighting can be flexible. Depending on your lifestyle, or the occasion – you might opt for the glow of an alabaster light or choose to make full use of natural light, if you have windows in your space.
Your furnishings, fabrics, accessories and lighting can transform your dining area season to season, reason to reason for a charmingly elegant space to gather.
Image from Christopher Guy (Dining Rendering) for more details on this collection click here or contact J. Douglas Design.

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