Friday, April 4, 2014

Designing The Nest - The Empty Nest

In the next few months, high school seniors will be graduating from their respective high schools... And while this is an exciting and thrilling time for students and parents alike, it is also a sad and emotional time for parents. Soon, it will be time to move your student into their new campus dorm and help them make decisions that will impact the rest of their college career - and life... and make some decisions yourself on how best to deal with the empty nest that remains.

Once their senior has graduated and moved on to the next chapter in their life, many find themselves with a room decorated with tons of sports memorabilia, photos of neighborhood children and high school friends, doo-dads, posters of rock-bands, and just plain “stuff”.

As difficult as this can be, it's time to pack those things up and move them into the attic or garage - rejoice in the fact that you know have some freed up space and it is time to think about what to do with your new spare room.

The common thing to do when children graduate, is convert the space to a home office. If this is a needed resource in your home, first, maximize the space with shelves, storage. Then deck out with space-appropriate desk and seating.

Other popular options are converting the room into a guest bedroom, a small workout room, or even a craft room where you can explore your creative interests. Perhaps you need something a bit less typical - such as a media room or even a “meditation room”.

Once you've decided what to do with the space, then it's time to design it. A simple coat of paint and furnishings with function will transform the space into a usable room perfect fit for your new needs as a college parent.

Whatever you decide to do with the additional space in your home, call J. Douglas Design - Dallas Interior Designer for some expert advice on decorating for that empty area in your room. J. Douglas Designs has unique one-of-a-kind furnishings, accessories and more to bring new life to ANY time of space.

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