Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games Interior Style

For those who are into the Hunger Games Trilogy, you know that the citizens in the Capitol sport serious style and unique looks such as pastel pink hair, tinted skin, distinctive tattoos and themes with their appearance. We love these creative human stylings, and the explosive colors and visuals of all the fashions.

People are already scrambling to try and 'get the look' - with leading designers like Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Jean-Paul Gautier and more. Check out Hunger Games Capitol Couture here. There's even a line of nail polish in honor of the hot new movie - "Capitol Colors" by China Glaze.

Of course, what we're more interested in - is how to deck out our digs like the retro-futuristic, super clean and super luxurious Capitol of Panem. We are 'Interior Stylists' after all here at J. Douglas Design. We are to Dallas interior design, as Cinna is to wearable fashion. And the palettes are very interesting too - lots of pastels and soft, muted colors - coupled with sleek silvers and bold golds.

Now that the story is being brought to the big screen, we're able to see more than the Capitol couture and fashion; we're able to see their interior design style!

Of course, the interior decor of the train was the first time we got to really see something spectacular, a decadently fashioned showplace in what appeared to be a whopping 700 square foot train car. Designs like this are in the details, such as the lighting - which either IS, or is VERY MUCH LIKE this chandelier from ELTE found in the background while Peeta stares out the window at the Capitol city.

Once the team arrived to their quarters in the Capitol of Panem, (which we cannot yet find pictures or references to) we were treated to sleek, clean modern architecture, with many retro-hip and chic details to remind us that what is once in fashion, ccan always come back - and that clean, minimalist style - goes with anything.

The transition to big screen was well for most readers of the series - who noticed that even in the Capitol, they brought nature indoors with plants, and holograms of the forest in Katniss' room - along with a super fun 'pelt' furry bedspread.

Here's hoping for more stills from the movie, so we can delve a bit more into the interior design style of the 'interior stylists' of Panem. Happy Hunger Games!

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