Sunday, April 1, 2012

John Richard - The Difference Is In The Details

At J. Douglas Design, we've been using John Richard furnishings, accents and home accessories in our designs for years. Often in combination with other manufacturers and brands, and many times exclusively in a layout from start to finish with the exception of a few items. John Richard's collections include inspirations from around the world, and for all style types.

We like to think of John Richard as our 'secret weapon' because many times, a simple accessory or individual piece of furniture from one of their exclusive collections of fine furnishings and accessories can be the glue that truly ties, or unites an interior design - and sets it apart for us, as interior design experts.

Every piece is hand-crafted, and stylish - with tasteful and timeless colors and patterns - that can blend and accentuate nearly any interior concept. What's best about John Richard, is that every season, they literally introduce thousands of new items - from upholstered furnishings, to accent mirrors, benches, lighting, botanicals and more.

We salute John Richard furniture for being such a big player in our game of design.

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