Monday, April 9, 2012

Interior Design Color Trends For Fall 2012

The interior design world follows the fashion world to a certain point. Colors that we see on the runways, often translate to our living spaces season to season.

According the Pantone's Fall 2012 Color Report - the color of the year, Tangerine Tango - will still be in the mix. Similar in value are other brighter hues like Pink Flambe and Bright Chartreuse.

Other colors are quite muted, actually - and some beautiful neutral colors like French Roast, which is a nice smoky-brown, and Titanium - a mid-value gray, as well as Rose Smoke, which is a creamy light fleshtone type of color.

For some reason - lately, we've been seeing a lot of pairings of yellows & grays in various design circles - such as the Titanium and Honey Gold. We've seen this in fabrics, apparel - and here and there quite a bit lately.

COLOR TIP: Layering isn't just for apparel or accessories. It's also a great technique for color. It's always best to start with a base, and layer. This keeps it easier to update later on - especially when we're talking about paint on the walls, large panels of window treatments - which tend to be expensive to change out. Select a more neutral base, and accessorize with the colors that pop. They'll tie in your design nicely, add color and pizazz - and be easy to update season to season.

What are your favorite pairings? What do you think is the best base color?

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  1. Interior design is like fashion, you have to dress your house with the right furniture.