Saturday, April 21, 2012

Top Three Interior Design Trends For Spring 2012

  • Spring is here - and with Spring comes the urge to clean, renew and refresh - not just your design - but your life. Certainly - you notice that when you change something in your interior - it effects your whole attitude. Things like clean, new sheets, a fresh coat of paint, a stunning new accent piece of furniture, or a brand new accessory - can truly change your whole environment, as well as how you feel about it.

This Spring, there's three things to keep in mind when making these little changes to your interior design - and they hold true if you're doing a complete remodel or redesign as well. We've simplified for you - the trends for Spring 2012.

1/ Add luxury - we're not asking you to purchase hugely expensive furniture and do a complete remodel. We're asking you to add something - one thing, even- expensive - somewhere in your design. And, to add something expensive doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money. There are fantastic sales and specials in Dallas furniture showrooms, as well as sales at upscale department stores. Find ONE stunning accessory - a lamp, a small sculpture, new bedding, a set of pillows or a throw - and add it somewhere to your design.

2/ Natural Patterns - wall decals, patterned wallpaper, and nature patterns are all the rage. This trend is actually TWO trends we've rolled into one - bringing nature in, and using patterns on the walls.

3/ Old is new - anything vintage can be a new (but old) way to spice up your design. This trend is especially hot now, with your fixtures, handles, light fixtures and smaller accessories. Brushed metal, antiqued wood - anything that looks old can add a charming, rustic and romantic statement this Spring.


  1. modern concept is cool but i think its 2011. My trend in 2012 is more on rustic theme. putting some rustic living room furniture will give life to a boring living room. but it is just my idea of 2012's trend.

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  3. Thank you for these insights. These are indeed very useful. Nonetheless, I think one of the best ways of designing a room or a home is to follow your personal likes and purchase things that you really need and not just simply based on trends 9with the assistance of painting contractors Denver)because these trends will certainly be outdated at some point. You can always add some trendy touches but come up with a general design that will always uplift your spirit everytime.