Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fabric Frenzy - Fall Upholstery Preview

It’s the time of year when textile suppliers and interior designers share their newest fabrics as well as what we can look forward to in upcoming upholstery fabric trends. The exciting news - is that there are lots of new looks and exciting new patterns. 

The beauty of working with upholstery is it gives you the opportunity to keep up with the trends and quickly and easily gives your home a new look.

You can expect to be seeing:
  • Lots of custom patterns that are exclusively being created by fabric designers through digital printing.
  • Summer is all about neon’s and bold bright colors, (rarely do we use in interior design, however) the fall and winter are bringing a darker color palette with black and white patterns, deep purples, emerald greens, and dusky pinks.
  • Velvets are back once again, this time in softer subtle styles and in burnout designs.
  • Leather embossing has reached a whole new level adding weave design illusions, and punch-dot patterns with whimsical touches.
  • We will find that tapestries have been simplified and scaled-down. The overly busy look is on its way out. However, many tapestries are timeless and rich - and typically work well as an accessory both with style, and quite literally with historical significance.
  • Novelty forms like ransom note letters, stylized numbers, vintage album covers, urban landscapes, paper doll patterns, and dog designs. These are great, unique ideas for eclectic types, but be careful with these sorts of trends in your home as they lose favor quickly and date your design. Use these sorts of fabrics/textures in ways other than upholstery, such as framed pieces, wall art and other accessories around your home.  Remember the 'denim sofa' from the 80's? No, you don't; and thank goodness. Luckily, the moment that thing hit the market, it went out of style. 

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