Tuesday, July 24, 2012

La Barge Furnishings: Elegance, Style, Craftsmanship

This week, we’re stepping back in time to highlight the beauty of the Baroque era.  In the 17th century, European design leaned toward exaggeration, and over-emphasized brilliance.  We, as interior designers - love over-emphasized brilliance. Who doesn't? The spreading Renaissance carried this free manner everywhere, and for two centuries, most European art was Baroque. 

Motion is the essence of Baroque - large curves, fantastic and irregular - twisted columns, broken pediments, and oversized moldings.  Everything was calculated to strike the eye.  Baroque is a masculine style, while its feminine counterpart, Rococo, came in the 18th century substituting prettiness and charm for Baroque magnificence. 

Beautiful mirrors with curves and carved ornamentation are always in style. For example, an over scaled Baroque mirror from La Barge dominates and makes a grand statement in a dining room over a sideboard or in a large entry way. A Grecian crackled gold finish and rub-through set this mirror apart. A mirror such as this can add eclectic interest to a room that is modern and sleek where a statement piece is needed to shake things up a bit.  
If you’re considering the addition of a Baroque piece to your home, look for classic pieces that stand the test of time. And know - that you can’t go wrong with La Barge, a featured line here at J. Douglas Design.

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