Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Focus on Furnishings: Marge Carson Sonoma Collection

With the Marge Carson brand, it's all about the details.  And - with the detail oriented clientele of our Dallas Interior Design studio - we are excited about this new collection.  The Sonoma Collection takes it's inspiration from the relaxing and simple California countrysides and restful way of life. Considered  contemporary in style, and smaller in scale than prior collections, the creators of the collection and designers who use it consider it a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

From the Marge Carson Newsroom:  It’s easy living in a contemporary way,” says Director of Design Mike Gohman. “And it’s a bit smaller in scale – perfect for, say, urban loft living.”

This collection represents something new in both scale and style:  “Sonoma, in some ways, takes us back to Marge Carson’s roots,” says owner and CEO Jim LaBarge. “In the early days, our success as a new manufacturer was in the use of textures, stitched leather, stone, metal and soft wood finishes that came to be known as the ‘California Look.’ ” 

The collection was crafted with rich cheery woods and two new finishes - the low-sheen 'Calais' finish - which is a soft brown, inspired by the rural French country, as well as the 'Sonoma' finish, which is lighter. There is also use of beautiful inlays of Makassar ebony and amazing combinations of weathered and textured metals.

 “The unique chiseled surface we developed for much of the metalwork adds a visual, tactile texture to this contemporary collection,” says Gohman. “Light reflecting off this surface has a glinting shimmer, much the same way that light reflects off a stream of water.”

Visit our Dallas showroom today to view pieces from the Marge Carson Sonoma Collection.

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