Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Social Kitchen - A Hot Interior Deisgn Trend For 2013

We are always open to the newest interior design trends, and were surprised that 'the social kitchen' is a trend that has really exploded in the last few months. Of course, growing up in Texas - we are used to gathering in the kitchen and for us, it's always been important for the kitchen to be a space where warmth resides to welcome guests.

So what is the Social Kitchen?

It's typically the combined eating and cooking space where folks can gather to enjoy culinary treats and great company. Sporting an open floor plan, and lots of space to sit, eat and socialize - most of these kitchens have some sort of island or bar area to maximize seating.

We typically recommend softer, neutral colors and earth tones (that's not to say a POP of color isn't allowed) but you will have to appeal to everyone. The social kitchen isn't going to be successful if you have bright yellows or bold contrast stripes that will make some of your guests dizzy. Keep it soft, neutral, warm and welcoming.

It's also important to maximize space in an efficient way. Seating, as mentioned before - is key. Islands and bars make for a great 'gathering' place to sit face to face with the Chef and discuss the menu and evening events. If you don't have this sort of layout, then the social kitchen might not work for you. There are tons of 'additions' like rolling islands and small cocktail or bar tables that might fit into your space, and allow you to seat a few friends.

The example above - The Diesel Social Kitchen, at EuroCucina, plays up the neutrals and elemental feel with nice use of materials such as wood, steel, cement and glass - bringing a bit of a natural, but modern look.  The space is maximized with it's island layout, but they also make great use of trolleys, tables and freestanding storage units to support even more storage and efficiency.

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