Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bathrooms and Interior Design - Exposed Sinks

Exposed sink lines are all the rage now in popular home design and new modern, classic styles that show off plumbing.   The interior design of the modern bathroom has taken on a new, chic trend.

Varied Styles Regardless of what style pipeline you have below your sync, the materials can be used to match other features in your bathroom. Look for copper, brass, stainless steel and nickel for popular coordination opportunities.
So, you love the look, but don’t quite understand it?  Your sink trap is what your sink uses to keep air from the sewer from coming back up into the home. In restrooms that aren’t used as frequently, the water in the trap evaporates.

Sink traps come in different shapes that are often referred to as different letters: the “P-trap” and the “U-trap”.

The P-trap is most used in areas where there needs to be some room saved underneath the sink. Use it in vanities for some extra storage for towels, or other bathroom necessities.

The U-trap is one of the most common used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Neither option do the trick for you? Check out creative options like water slides, sinks that simply shoot the water down a slide-like accent and into either the toilet or shower to conserve water.

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