Thursday, September 19, 2013

Popular Master Bedroom Accents

Master bedrooms are among the most luxurious areas of any home - and they should be! After all, this is where the house “masters” spend their time sleeping; it’s a private place.  Just because it is private doesn’t mean it can’t use some extra attention to detail; a lot of time is spent in this space. There are some simple additions to the interior design that can be made to any master bedroom to give a bit more personality and add more focal points.

This feature is often found in larger living spaces but can be just as practical. Adding a ledge above a headboard on the main wall can present photographs and art in a much more relaxed way by leaning them against the wall. Interested? Add the ledge on the focal wall about six inches from the top of your headboard.

Mixing Styles
Matching all furniture styles in a bedroom is no longer a necessity. Mix and match the styles that you love for a comfortable room. There are a ton of home furnishings that you can mix and match safely. Vintage dressers and mirrors alongside antiques blend together to show off the personality of the household master.

Exposed & High Ceilings 
High ceilings have been a popular household addition for the past few years, but only recently have unfinished ceilings become more popular. Install wooden beams to give the appearance that rafters are exposed from your ceiling without the true exposed feeling.

Have you used any of these design styles in your home? Which are your favorite?

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