Friday, March 29, 2013

Effortless Spring Florals For Easter

With Easter coming up this Sunday, you may be wondering how to get your space decorated in the right fashion for all of the friends and family coming over for celebrations for Easter Sunday.

Flowers, which are easily bought at any store, are the quickest way to get that Springtime holiday feel without doing anything too drastic (with regard to time and effort) to your interior design.

Certainly, there are several types of flowers and standard arrangements that are already associated with Easter. Here are some tips and ideas to add that touch of color... and if you're looking for more 'Easter meaning' behind the flowers - with regard to colors and their meanings and symbols during the season's religious holidays - we've covered that too.

The color white symbolizes the hope of the resurrection of Christ in the Christian religion, as well as the purity and newness that comes from victory over sin and death. White is purity, cleanliness, and innocence, and like black, white goes well with almost any color. Many kinds of white flowers are out there that can help you incorporate the Easter colors without doing anything too drastic. There are Wood Anemones, Spring Cress’, May Apples, and many more types as well.


The color red is mostly associated with the blood shed during the crucifixion. The color red is extensively used to make designs on Easter eggs, and red spring flowers such as tulips, or red trilliums, are widely used to decorate Easter eggs and can even be included in flower baskets. Red can symbolize many things; from blood, to love, to infatuation. Red is also seen as a color of passion and warmth, so any hue of red can make a room’s interior design feel warm and welcoming.


Yellow symbolizes the light of the world brought with Easter, and the resurrection - that 'enlightens the world'. Yellow can also symbolize joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, gold, dishonesty, cowardice, deceit, illness, and hazard. Spring season is the time for the bloom of attractive yellow colored flowers, such as chrysanthemums, gerberas and sunflowers. You can make use of the beautiful blooming flowers in your decorations for Easter in any room.

Purple is normally the color of royalty, and it is believed to have been the color of the garment that covered Jesus when he was taken to the crucifix. Purple tulips are often used to adorn Easter flower bonnets, and you can make a beautiful bouquet by making use of purple colored spring flowers. Deep or bright purples suggest riches, while lighter purples are more romantic and delicate. You can use redder purples for a warmer color scheme or the bluer purples to cool down.

While flowers are the quick fix to add any color into your house, all of these colors are in any number of pillow designs, baskets, vases, rugs, or even lampshades, and can make your house aesthetically pleasing while adding that “Easter Touch.”

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Focus on Furnishings: Marge Carson Sonoma Collection

With the Marge Carson brand, it's all about the details.  And - with the detail oriented clientele of our Dallas Interior Design studio - we are excited about this new collection.  The Sonoma Collection takes it's inspiration from the relaxing and simple California countrysides and restful way of life. Considered  contemporary in style, and smaller in scale than prior collections, the creators of the collection and designers who use it consider it a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

From the Marge Carson Newsroom:  It’s easy living in a contemporary way,” says Director of Design Mike Gohman. “And it’s a bit smaller in scale – perfect for, say, urban loft living.”

This collection represents something new in both scale and style:  “Sonoma, in some ways, takes us back to Marge Carson’s roots,” says owner and CEO Jim LaBarge. “In the early days, our success as a new manufacturer was in the use of textures, stitched leather, stone, metal and soft wood finishes that came to be known as the ‘California Look.’ ” 

The collection was crafted with rich cheery woods and two new finishes - the low-sheen 'Calais' finish - which is a soft brown, inspired by the rural French country, as well as the 'Sonoma' finish, which is lighter. There is also use of beautiful inlays of Makassar ebony and amazing combinations of weathered and textured metals.

 “The unique chiseled surface we developed for much of the metalwork adds a visual, tactile texture to this contemporary collection,” says Gohman. “Light reflecting off this surface has a glinting shimmer, much the same way that light reflects off a stream of water.”

Visit our Dallas showroom today to view pieces from the Marge Carson Sonoma Collection.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Social Kitchen - A Hot Interior Deisgn Trend For 2013

We are always open to the newest interior design trends, and were surprised that 'the social kitchen' is a trend that has really exploded in the last few months. Of course, growing up in Texas - we are used to gathering in the kitchen and for us, it's always been important for the kitchen to be a space where warmth resides to welcome guests.

So what is the Social Kitchen?

It's typically the combined eating and cooking space where folks can gather to enjoy culinary treats and great company. Sporting an open floor plan, and lots of space to sit, eat and socialize - most of these kitchens have some sort of island or bar area to maximize seating.

We typically recommend softer, neutral colors and earth tones (that's not to say a POP of color isn't allowed) but you will have to appeal to everyone. The social kitchen isn't going to be successful if you have bright yellows or bold contrast stripes that will make some of your guests dizzy. Keep it soft, neutral, warm and welcoming.

It's also important to maximize space in an efficient way. Seating, as mentioned before - is key. Islands and bars make for a great 'gathering' place to sit face to face with the Chef and discuss the menu and evening events. If you don't have this sort of layout, then the social kitchen might not work for you. There are tons of 'additions' like rolling islands and small cocktail or bar tables that might fit into your space, and allow you to seat a few friends.

The example above - The Diesel Social Kitchen, at EuroCucina, plays up the neutrals and elemental feel with nice use of materials such as wood, steel, cement and glass - bringing a bit of a natural, but modern look.  The space is maximized with it's island layout, but they also make great use of trolleys, tables and freestanding storage units to support even more storage and efficiency.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Eco-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

For many people, finding new and effective ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is of the utmost importance. With issues surrounding global warming and energy efficiency on the news and in everyday conversation, living a greener life is becoming an ambition for more and more people across the world each year. Eco-chic is something many professional designers now positively promote within their work, so going environmentally friendly need not mean that you compromise on style.

1. Re-use, Recycle or Up-cycle

Before embarking on a radical new design for your chosen room, look at what does work already. If you have cabinets that do a perfectly good job, there is no need to rip them out simply to put up something similar in their place. Remove them, refresh them with a coat or two of paint that compliments your new color scheme and re-install them in a novel arrangement.

Up-cycling may be a trendy new word, but it isn't a trendy new practice. We humans have long been adherents to the depression era saying of 'use it up, where it out, make it do or do without!' If your furniture has good 'bones' consider a new layer of paint or new upholstery. A new look doesn't mean you have to actually buy all new everything. It's better for the environment if you don't!

2. Sustainable Furniture 

If you do decide to go new, consider reclaimed wood, bamboo or other eco-friendly materials. Looks wise, sustainable furniture spans everything from big, chunky pieces to sleek, contemporary designs. If you live a larger area like the DFW metroplex, you can find local artisans and craftspeople who will build what you want, from the material you want, making your eco-friendly piece something you can love through your lifetime.

3. Sustainable Flooring 

Some flooring materials just aren't very environmentally-friendly. Flooring manufacturers are stepping up to meet the sustainability challenge and we are now seeing a vast array of eco-friendly flooring products on the market. Bamboo and cork are some of the better flooring choices. Flooring made of anything that lasts a long time, can be reused and is rapidly renewable will not harm the environment as much as something that will sit in a landfill for hundreds and thousands of years.

When moving toward a more eco-friendly interior design, the important thing is to do your homework and work with a reputable interior designer.