Monday, February 24, 2014

Lightening Up Leather

Leather furniture is so classy and clean – that is why so many people decorate their home and work space using beautiful, durable leather.

Rich leather can often darken a room as well and make it dreary. Learning how to decorate properly around your leather furniture is key. Add colorful window treatments in the room where the leather furniture is. You also can throw some fun and light throw pillows on the furniture, or utilize a throw blanket as well to bring in some lighter tones.

The darker décor is ok in a library or office because you want to create a darker calmer atmosphere however in your living space that you use everyday you need some color to add some personality. If it still needs to 'lighten up a bit' - incorporating lighter, earthy colors can open up the room and the room will seem bigger as well.

Use light colored, 'modern' accents to compliment your darker traditional leather pieces - such as rocks, and concreted knick knacks on the mantle and around. Couple your leather with rich woods, and modern elements for a clean, sleek look for your interior design. Use colors to suit the season such as mustards and oranges – they will match your holiday decorations to change things up from time to time and add a pop of color.

Spending a lot of money on nice leather furniture is a sure way to add class and luxury to your room, so go ahead and buy that leather furniture; you cannot get much richer than that.

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