Friday, March 7, 2014

Dark Walls Mean Major Pop - Interior Design Dallas Ideas

Are you daring enough to paint your walls really dark - or even black? We are! Dark walls make for great contrast and ambiance in an interior design - considering the lighting in the room, the furnishings - and the overall look that you want to achieve.

If you love drama, (and we do!) then dark walls can really bring out the space in a beautifully bold way. Here are some things to consider if you are feeling really spunky and thinking of painting a room dark.

Lighting: Do you have plenty of windows in your space to lighten things up? This is imperative really, before you paint too much of the room dark. If you paint a space completely dark, and lighting is insufficient - then you will make the space appear much smaller. But don't be afraid to paint a room dark - even in a small room, with enough natural light - it can add the unique feel you are trying to achieve.

Trim & Moulding: do you have chair rail moulding or crown moulding? Are baseboards white? Sometimes, and depending on your design and the architecture - to achieve nice lines and contrast - if you have bright white, clean moulding and trim alongside dark walls - the effect is interesting and bold. If there is no trim or moulding really in a very dark room, then one must offset the stark darkness with lighting and wall coverings, or art of some sort. The whole idea of a dark space is to create illusions and theatrics - so contrasting pieces and colors and shades are key.

Furnishings: Are your furnishings dark too? If they are, then this is not really an option. Your dark pieces will melt away into the background and the stark contrast between items and area will not be achieved. Choose an accent color, a nice light and bright one - and pair it with your furniture in the form of window coverings, pillows, throws, lampshades, accessories - and other smaller areas. But don't go overboard - there is a 'right amount' of 'stuff' to have sitting around and in interior design - you can 'over accessorize'. Remember - the whole idea with a dramatic paint job in your space is to make everything else POP.

Can there be too much POP? You bet, we could also call it busy, mind-boggling, or capable of causing heart conditions of seizures. But you won't get this from simply painting your room a dark color to create contrast and depth for your furnishings and art pieces. This typically comes from mixing scary patterns and simultaneous contrast of pairing the wrong hues of complimentary colors - or over accessorizing with too many unnecessary doo-dads.

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